Sophia Dugan '21

This is Sophia's third year as a member of The Light, but her first year as an editor. When she is not swimming or doing homework, she enjoys eating, hanging out with friends, or eating with friends. Sophia's pet peeves include slow drivers, loud chewers, and climate change deniers. She aspires to teach science at a high school level due to her immense passion for the environment. At school, you can find Sophia with a bag of goldfish and her water bottle in hand finishing up her homework during fifth bell.

Elle DuMont '20

Elle enjoys writing stories, articles, composing music and singing in her free time. She loves to workout and cycle. Elle is involved in NHS, PALs, Dawg Squad, and S.O.S. In the future, Elle hopes to double major in marketing and psychology. One of her goals is to pursue her business career at the Lindner School of Business at UC. 

Staff Writers

Cara Cavanaugh '21

This is Cara's second year writing for The Light. In her free time she enjoys running, swimming, and playing with her dog, Hank. She is described as being funny, understanding, and easy-going. In the future, Cara wishes to pursue a career in science or social studies. Around SUA, you will most likely recognize her as the owner of a large portion of the items in the Lost-in-Found.

Krin Currin '20

This is Krin's first year on The Light. She is really interested in creating and going on adventures. From film to design and fashion, she love being different and unique. Krin believes the best version of yourself is when you feel the craziest and most alive. In the future, she hopes to go into film or advertising and create her own label or business. She plans on going to more music festivals and more travels around the world, and eventually, she plans on giving back to the community. 

Sophia Garcia '21

Sophia been in the Light for two years now, and her hobbies includes singing, writing, and obsessing over a boy band called Why Don't We. She's also a cross country runner and part of Theater, doing the musical or play in the spring. She's also in clubs like SFA, NHS, and SUA Music Society. For the future, her plans include going to Ohio State for a major of journalism/market research and a minor of forensics. 

Alex Haas '21

This is Alex's second year writing for The Light. She finds journalism very interesting, and loves catching up on current events. Alex is also a member of SOS and rows for CJRC. When she is not busy with school or rowing, she is most likely spending time with friends, babysitting, or trying to catch up on sleep. Alex loves to go to brunch and the movies with her friends, and enjoys spending time with her family and her pets. 

Alex Haas '21

In her free time, Alivia loves to swim, hang out with friends, and eat sushi. When she is not eating sushi, she is probably drinking a venti cold brew to satisfy her caffeine addiction or snuggling with her cat, Gilburt. Her favorite thing to do on the weekend is watching a scary movie with her twinnie or online shopping for things she doesn't need. 

Luci Hittle '22

Luci Hittle is super excited for her first year as part of The Light! When not dancing by herself to Lizzo, obsessively checking Naviance, or rocking out on (gently strumming) her ukulele, she can be found at Feminist Club, Mischief Managed, D&D, or SUP. She's also involved in Academic Team, Ambassadors, and HOPE Squad! More often than not, she's in the theater working on one of SUA's wonderful shows! She could not be more jazzed about being part of this super cool publication and she hopes it earns her brownie points with future lit teachers.

Ella Todd '21

This is Ella's first year writing for The Light. She is very interested in both reading and writing about current world events. Inside of SUA, Ella is involved in Ambassadors, NHS, SFA, Food and Nutrition, and Bulldog Buddies. When she is not stressing out about school, Ella can be found hanging out with friends and spending time with her family. She also loves to support the bulldogs at sports games. 

Sidney Triggs '20

Inside school Sidney participates in the Ambassador Program and Bulldog Buddies. Her favorite classes have been Bad Girls, Robotics and AP Biology. Outside of school she volunteers at Hamilton County Youth Court and  works at Chick-fil-A. She's been a pescatarian for almost two years now has been loving it. Her favorite activities include: nah (Netflix, Amazon and Hulu), shopping, and going to sporting events and concerts. This is her first year on The Light and she is excited to share her ideas and hear your feedback!

Samantha Woodke '20

Samantha's love for writing is why she chooses to juggle The Light with her many other SUA commitments. When she's not catching up on sleep or attending yet another meeting, you can find her with a water bottle and protein bar in hand, probably telling an incredibly unfunny joke or long-winded story. Her pet peeves include grammatical errors, loud chewers, and being mistaken for a 12-year-old (which, surprisingly, happens relatively often).

Mary Wurzbacher '23

Mary does several clubs (baking, competitive crafting, social justice). She also competes in track and takes tennis lessons in hope of making it on the team next year. Mary really enjoys singing, reading, and crocheting. This her first year at The Light. She doesn't know where I will go to college, but she does want to enter the medical field as a nurse practitioner.

Saint Ursula Academy | 1339 East McMillan Street 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206