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Rory Bradley '22

Staff Reporter

Rory Bradley is a dancer and enjoys hanging out with her friends. She's an ambassador and is a member of Gingers and Company. This is her first year in the Light and is excited to begin!

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Cara Cavanaugh '21

Associate Editor

This is Cara's third year writing for The Light. In her free time she enjoys running, swimming, and playing with her dog, Hank. She is described as being funny, understanding, and easy-going. In the future, Cara wishes to pursue a career in science or social studies. Around SUA, you will most likely recognize her as the owner of a large portion of the items in the Lost-in-Found.


Lily Coughlin '22

Staff Reporter

Lily is a member of student council and academic team. She is spirit captain of the UXA ultimate frisbee team and loves camping, hiking, and the great outdoors.


Sophia Dugan '21


This is Sophia's fourth year as a staff member of The Light, and her second year as an editor. When she is not busy with school or swimming, you can find her lifeguarding, hanging out with her friends, or watching The Office. Sophia's pet peeves include slow drivers, loud chewers, and anti-maskers. She plans to study environmental engineering in college due to her love of math and immense passion for sustainability.


Kat Fitzpatrick '23

Staff Reporter

Kat is a Sophomore transfer student and it is her first year at 'The Light'. In her free time she enjoys baking, talking to her friends, and attempting to learn French. She is on the cross country team and can be frequently heard expressing her distaste for running. She has lived in Japan and Switzerland at various points in her life, and she hopes to one day move back to Europe.

Sophia Garcia '21

Staff Reporter

Sophia has been in The Light for three years now, and she loves watching anime, reading books, and is still obsessed with a boy band called Why Don't We. Currently she is running cross country, but will do theater in the spring.

Molly Gruber '23

Staff Reporter

This is Molly's first year writing for The Light. She is an ambassador, member of SFA, and swimmer. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with my friends and family, reading, watching movies, and going on vacation. In the future she hopes to pursue some sort of career with English and Business. 

The Light Picture - Alexandra Haas.jpg

Alex Haas '21

Associate Editor

This is Alex's third year writing for The Light and first year as an Associate Editor. She finds journalism very interesting, and loves catching up on current events. Alex is also a member of SOS and rows for CJRC. When she is not busy with school or rowing, she is most likely spending time with friends, babysitting, or trying to catch up on sleep. Alex loves to go to brunch and the movies with her friends, and enjoys spending time with her family and her pets.


Luci Hittle '22

Staff Reporter

Luci is super excited for her junior year and her second year as part of The Light! When not badly playing guitar or trying to talk herself out of buying Depop earrings, Luci can be found at Feminist Club, Spectrum, or SUP. She's also involved in Academic Team, Ambassadors, PALs, SUA Bowldawgs, and HOPE Squad! More often than not, she's in the theater working on one of SUA's wonderful shows! Last year, she chronicled the Long Furbies of SUA, teachers' childhood fears, and a Christmas dog parade. She could not be more pumped about being part of this super cool publication and she hopes it earns her brownie points with future lit teachers.

Capture - Alivia Hyland.PNG

Alivia Hyland '21

Staff Reporter

In her free time, Alivia loves to swim, hang out with friends, and eat sushi. When she is not eating sushi, she is probably drinking a venti cold brew to satisfy her caffeine addiction or snuggling with her cat, Gilburt. Her favorite thing to do on the weekend is watching a scary movie with her twinnie or online shopping for things she doesn't need. 


Fiona Mack '22

Staff Reporter

This is Fiona's first year writing for The Light. In her free time she can be found hanging out with her friends, singing, acting, or playing tennis. Her favorite food is fondue and she loves going to melting pot with her friends. She is interested in going into Broadcast Journalism in the future.


Katie Mancini '24

Staff Reporter

Katie Mancini is a freshman. She is currently playing field hockey but is also interested in basketball and theater. She's always wanted to be a journalist so is extremely excited to get involved in The Light!

The Light Bio Picture - Gabriela Selva.j

Gabriela Selva '24

Staff Reporter

Gabriela is a freshman, and she is looking forward to writing for The Light! She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing volleyball, going outside, and hanging out with her dogs. Along with The Light, she is involved in the Academic Team, HALO, and Baking Club. Gabriela enjoys writing very much and could possibly see herself as a journalist in the future! 

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Maggie Spaeth '23

Staff Reporter

This is Maggie’s first year with The Light. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her friends and her dogs. She also loves expressing her creativity through painting, sketching, and writing. Maggie plays lacrosse for SUA and is a member of the Social Justice Club. 

Light picture - Ella Todd_edited.jpg

Ella Todd '21

Multimedia Director

This is Ella's second year writing for The Light. Outside of school, she can be found hanging out with her friends, taking pictures of her dogs, and working at a local ice cream shop. Ella's favorite foods are sushi and pasta. She is also a member of SFA, Ambassadors, and The Crest. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career associated with writing and helping others.


Jaclyn Wenhold '22

Staff Reporter

Jaclyn has always had an interest in writing and her favorite is poetry. Her love for writing started when she realized how important it can be, whether it makes others feel the same as the author or informs people of important topics. She is not only interested in writing, she is also interested in science, nature, health, dogs, and loves spending time with friends and family. She is involved in SUA lacrosse, SOS, and NHS.


Cameron Wilburn '23

Staff Reporter

This is Cameron's first year as a member of The Light. She is the newest leader of Fashion Club and is also involved in Social Justice Club. She is rarely seen without a beanie and her Air Force 1's on. In her free time, she loves drinking coffee and listening to music - especially the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Mary Wurzbacher

Mary Wurzbacher '23

Staff Reporter

Mary does several clubs (baking, competitive crafting, social justice). She also competes in track and takes tennis lessons in hope of making it on the team next year. Mary really enjoys singing, reading, and crocheting. This her first year at The Light. She doesn't know where I will go to college, but she does want to enter the medical field as a nurse practitioner.