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You Know You’re An Ursula Girl When … Cars Edition

At a private school like SUA, many upperclassmen are privileged enough to have their own car. How each student gets their car can vary though. Maybe it was driven straight off the lot? Possibly it’s a hand-me down from an older sibling? And dads of a lucky few might have bought the cheapest clunker they could find on Craigslist! Despite the way students get their cars, teenagers tend to grow very attached because being able to drive is a freedom that makes them more independent.

Since cars are so important to SUA students, you know you’re an Ursula girl when…

  1. You have a name for your car that only makes sense to you.

  2. You park behind, in front of, or across from a black Jeep Wrangler.

  3. It takes you 10+ minutes to get out of the student lot.

  4. You witness that awkward and inexcusable wreck caused by a sophomore with a week-old license.

  5. Parallel parking on McMillian requires at least three friends’ directions.

  6. A three-minute difference in the time you leave the house results in a five-minute walk to class.

  7. Hiding your purse and other possessions every morning is necessary in order to avoid hearing your plates called over the announcements.

  8. Your car is your escape (AKA the only place your attention only requires what’s on the road and what’s on the radio).

What a select few SUA students think of their cars….

“My car, my ride, my freedom. I love a lot about my car; especially, the way it drives in the ice and snow and the sound of my subwoofer in the morning. My car is the only way I leave my house cause I am the only one of my friends that can drive, so my car=my life. As of right now the name is up for debate, it is a girl, and I am open for suggestions.” - Lauren Arcuri ‘16

“I'm so thankful to my car. I feel so #blessed to have it in my life. Not only does the bass rock the whole thing, but the seat heaters really get me going on cold winter mornings. Compared to my old car, Old Jack, this is really a step up. It's nice to have windshield wipers that work. I love my car.” - Tori Weber ‘15

“My beautiful black Mazda 3 and I have an immensely strong bond. He is the only one who is with me and notices, but never judges, when I back into poles, or accidentally slide up against a wall in the student parking lot, or even when I make a quick cut across Columbia Parkway en route to SUA. However, the most important part of my car is that he harbors all of my bumper stickers. Whenever I am out and about, people always know it’s me on account of the 18 bumper stickers and magnets on the back and front of my car proudly displaying my love of sports, catchy slogans, and Mahatma Gandhi. I think of my bumper stickers as tattoos, and love watching the reactions of people parked behind me as they read my ‘I brake for ducks’ sticker. I love that my car can bring a smile to other drivers' faces in case they have had a bad day.” - Kenzie Corbin ‘14

“Where do I begin with the classic 16T; I guess I should probably let you know that I drive a red Nissan Versa (picture a cough drop and that's my car). My license plate is in fact ‘16T,’ and, No, I did not pick it out. My dad is not the best at giving presents, and so when I told him I didn't want a monogram license plate like everyone else in my family he thought he was being creative and doing something nice for me by bringing home ‘16T’ instead to put on my little red car that doesn't need anymore help getting attention. At the time I didn't have the heart to tell him I was horrified because he grew weirdly attached to it. I can't explain what ‘16T’ stands for. Maybe it was because—hey, I'm Tassy and I'm 16! Because the world needs to know details like that. My car has developed into the family joke, and is a constant sign of my family's great sense of humor and love to pick on me. However, my little sister, Sarah, gets the pleasure of inheriting this gem when she gets her license in March. The unanswered questions that haunt me are: Do we change the license plate for Sarah to ‘16S’? Also, I'm 18 now, so do we need to update it as I get older? My biggest fear that comes with driving this car is the dreadful day I hear on the announcements, ‘Will the owner of a red Nissan Versa with license plate “16T” please come to the office?’ I think I might drive away in my 16T and never come back after the potential humiliation.” - Tassy Taylor ‘14

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