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You Are So Much More Than a Body

When you live in a world where every magazine, every TV show, every cover model you see, we can create seemingly impossible standards: no matter how “perfect” your body is, how clear your skin is, how straight your teeth are, it will never change how much you are naturally worth. Every day you see an image, and while some can look past these measurements, others can feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. Despite how much your body changes, your worth never will.

Furthermore, these days there are many influencers helping to encourage people to make healthy changes that they choose to do on their own. There’s many brands that help show different body types and why it’s important to share why people are meant to be different. Depending on who you choose to follow, the types of stories you watch can sometimes affect how you see yourself and others. While some choose to make changes based on just wanting a different lifestyle, others feel like they have to for people besides themselves. I recently interviewed some SUA students about their thoughts.

Do you think it’s harder to feel more confident about body positivity these days? Why?

Abbey Mader '26: Yeah I do honestly. I think it’s more because of how women’s bodies are being perceived as more of a trend lately. I felt like we were getting close to finally accepting different body types, but now it’s just gone back to a lot of people wanting to be like a sickly kind of skinny. Like there’s these aesthetics called “heroine chic” or the Tumblr girl aesthetic that I think really promotes this idea of an ED and ultimately romanticizes it. The media continuously keeps pushing forth the constant change of how people should perceive themselves. But I also think that the idea of being “body positive” has gotten really toxic too, to the point where it’s not even about being comfortable or feeling safe in your body anymore.

Grace Ferra '26: I think it is bc there’s more pressure to have certain body types because of the social standards nowadays and we never used to have these standards so it used to be easier to embrace all body types but i think certain parts of the world are getting better at embracing their natural beauty.

Anonymous: No, I think it is easier to feel more confident in my opinion because there are many influencers and businesses that are trying to embrace different body types.

Amiyah Ashley '26: Yes I think it’s hard to feel too confident about your body these days due to certain people & social media . It shapes girls and guys into thinking they’re supposed to look or be built a certain way . Putting people down if they’re not skinny enough or if they’re too skinny. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we're all humans and our own person at the end of the day.

These are some mixed responses from freshmen here at SUA, each with their own individual opinions. In addition, I can see both sides on how social media can show both negative and positive ways to grow more confidence. I think it mostly depends on who you follow, but even then it's hard to not feel somewhat jealous of people who have seemingly “perfect” lives.

Are there ways we lift each other up to make us feel more comfortable in our bodies? and how?

Abbey Mader '26: I mean there will always be ways that work better for others to feel comfortable with the way their body looks, but for me personally I think just normalizing the discussion of women’s bodies makes me feel really good. I think that I’ve always felt a little bit bad talking about the way I feel about my body because I see all these girls with perfect, better bodies than me and I’m like what’s wrong with me why don’t I look like that. But when I talk to other girls who relate to how I feel and validate what I say it helps me feel more connected to myself and the way I look.

Amiyah Ashley '26: Well, for starters we can start with ourselves. Focusing on YOURSELF more than what other people think and just worrying about yourself. Or if you see someone who seems insecure of one thing about their body you can comfort them and try to lift them up to live to their expectations, not others. Being yourself or spreading the word around about loving yourself in your own body.

Growing up with high standards these days, it can seem as if there’s no one who relates to you, or you may not feel like your issues are tough enough. As a result, you may feel like your issues aren't as valid as others, but they are. Everyone is different, and goes through things differently. So, we all need to realize that we're here to look out, and make sure people get the type of support and recognition they deserve.

What makes everyone unique in their own ways? Why is it okay that we all are different?

Abbey Mader '26: If we were all the same the world would be so boring. People need to learn to love what makes them different and unique from others because that’s what makes them, THEM!

Amiyah Ashley '26: Just being you and having your own personality and differences that you like makes you perfect in your own way. There's not much you can change about yourself to be perfect because you are fine just how you are. It’s okay that we’re all different because we all have different personalities and opinions so of course we’ll be different in some ways. At the end of day we’re all human & have flaws and can’t be picture perfect.

Your arms have hugged all of the many people you love. Your hands have pet many animals and held others' hands. Your legs have taken you to places you want to walk to, and walk away from. Your eyes have seen beautiful places and moments you wouldn't know otherwise. Every single part of your body should never be viewed as something you want to change. Nonetheless, every part of your body shows you how far you've come, and how much further you can go if you believe in yourself. Tess Holliday, a plus-size model, blogger, and make-up artist explains,“Life is so much more beautiful and complex than a number on a scale."

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