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Winding up the 4th Quarter

The time between Christmas and the month of May can be a long, dull period of waiting. It seems as if there is nothing to do, and it is sort of this hibernation period until the end of the term. People are sitting tight with anticipation for the first signs of spring to appear, waiting with hope that the cold, winter months are put behind them. This waiting, however, is almost over. The weather is getting warmer, the birds are singing, and the 2023 Saint Ursula school year is quickly coming to an end. As an ode to the 4th quarter and an end to the academic year, here is a mini-report on the student body of SUA of all that has been accomplished and what is left to be excited about in the remaining days.

Saint Ursula Accomplishments

Looking back, many students are very proud of what they have accomplished. Freshman are very happy to have almost completed a full year at Saint Ursula. They are thrilled to have acclimated to a new school environment, which is a huge deal. The freshmen are completing their classes, and even getting First Honors. Some have been getting very involved with the community of the school, participating in theater and various sports to learn and grow and make friends. Many say they have gotten outside of their comfort zone, talking to new people and expanding their social circle, but also maintaining their old friends from grade school. All in all, it sounds like the Freshman class is not only surviving, but thriving in their first year at SUA!

The sophomore class has been expanding upon what they have learned from freshman year to be even more successful at SUA. It is reported that, as a whole, the sophomores have gotten at least a little better at managing their time between school, extracurriculares, and their social activities to maintain a balanced life. It is great to hear that the sophomores are making strides and continuing to do well.

Moving along with the junior class at Saint Ursula, there is definitely a lot to be proud of, as this is thought to be the hardest year in high school. However, this is not stopping people from having many achievements with their grades, getting involved, and continuing to grow their relationships. Even a student just trying their best is a huge deal.

And finally, the seniors of Saint Ursula as a whole have accomplished a lot. Many have been accepted into college, which is really amazing. They have put in the work and time to get where they are now. Even though they have gotten into college, the seniors continue to try hard in their classes and make the most of their last quarter at Saint Ursula.

A Packed Schedule

Moving on from the past, it is time to appreciate all the fun there is to be had in the 4th quarter at SUA. From prom, to spring dance, to the Orange and White game, and all of the SUA activities, there was no end to the excitement. In addition to those awesome events, there was also spring break. Everyone was ready for this time to relax and decompress. The popular destinations for spring break sounded like Florida, but others went to Mexico and California, along with many other thrilling locations. In addition to going on vacation, many of the juniors, and even some sophomores, scheduled college visits. Some popular colleges are Notre Dame, Ohio State, Miami University, and the University of Tennessee.


There is a lot to be happy about in the home stretch of the 2023 school year. Whether you are Freshmen completing your first year or a Senior saying goodbye to SUA, there is fun to be had for the entirety of the Saint Ursula community. It is great to cherish the memories made this year, but also great to look toward the future and all of the opportunities for enjoyment. The school year is coming to an end, so cherish the time and enjoy a time that will hopefully be full of excitement.

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