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Who Dey!

The Bengals made it to the Super Bowl! The whole city was on fire with Bengals spirit. Although they lost, I made this survey during the high Bengals energy. I asked SUA to take a survey.

Here are the results for the Super Bowl survey.

Who do you think will win??

89% of the people said they Bengals would win and 11% said that the Rams would win.

Who do you wan to win?

99.2% of the people said they wanted the Bengals to win and .8% said they want the Rams to win.

What are your superbowl plans?

57% of the people said that they were going to party. 21% said they were doing a small gathering and 18% said they were going to watch at home with family. 3% said they were not going to watch the superbowl.

What are you going to do with your monday off?

43% said they were going to sleep in. 27% said they were going to hangout with friends. 20% said they were going to celebrate and 9% said they were going to do homework.

Have you always been a Bengals fan?

78% of the people said they have always been fans and 21% said they had not.

Who is your favorite player?

Now there were a lot of different answers. The most popular was Joe Burrow because he is hot or because he has good chemistry with the team. Evan McPherson was another popular player because he is a great kicker. Jamarr Chase, Sam Hubbard, and Tee Higgins were also other popular players.

What are your families oldest Super Bowl traditions?

Here is a list of many family traditions your fellow SUA families do for the Super Bowl.

Buffalo chicken dip, Skyline dip, party, making cakes for the team they root for, playing squares, finger food, halftime show, guessing scores, watch with family, making food at the beginning of the day, friends houses, sausage bread, football cake pops, and many others.

Which family member is the most hardcore fan?

In the lead is the dads being the most hardcore fans. Then we have mom, brothers, grandparents, and uncles.

If you are avoiding the game what are you doing?

Most people said they weren't avoiding the superbowl but the people that were are…

  • Going shopping

  • Sleeping

  • Partying

  • Rehearsals

  • Watching Netflix

  • Work

  • Galentines

  • Homework

  • hanging out with friends

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