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Where to Eat in Cincinnati

As the summer approaches, I always find warm days the perfect time to grab coffee or enjoy dinner with friends and family. However, thinking of a good coffee shop or restaurant can be difficult, so I often find myself eating at the same restaurant over and over again. Cincinnati has so many great options around the city, so next time you are hungry and unsure where to eat take a look at one of these places!

When stopping for an early morning coffee and snack, two of my favorite places are Bean and Barley in O'Bryonville and Proud Hound in Kennedy Heights. Bean and Barley is less than a five minute drive from school, and has later hours which make this coffeehouse the ideal after school spot. I would highly recommend grabbing a bagel and chai tea latte and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.mMy favorite coffee shop at the moment is Proud Hound, which is less than a 10 minute drive from the Kenwood Mall on Montgomery Road. Living in the Pleasant Ridge area, I was excited to hear about this new coffee shop when it opened a few months ago and I was not disappointed. Proud Hound has a great atmosphere and has lots of space for doing homework or catching up with friends. In addition to delicious coffee, Proud Hound has a wide variety of breakfast foods, lunch options, and pastries.

If looking for a casual lunch out, I would recommend trying the Oakley Kitchen. The Oakley Kitchen is located on Madison Road and has multiple restaurants within. This location provides a food court eating style which allows customers to take their pick from Middle Eastern Cuisine, Indian, Hawaiian Bowls, Cajun dishes, pizzas, and much more. The Oakley Kitchen is the perfect place to try on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and has a wide variety of foods for adventurous and picky eaters alike.

When looking for a dinner out, two of my go-to recommendations are A Tavola Bar and Trattoria in Madeira and Cloud Nine Sushi in Mount Lookout Square. A Tavola has amazing pastas and pizzas, especially their gnocchi, and a great outdoor seating area. A Tavola is the perfect place for a birthday dinner or special occasion, as their menu is a bit pricier than the other places mentioned thus far. If looking for a less expensive meal, Cloud Nine is the perfect place as their sushi is half off when eating in the restaurant. Cloud Nine is open until 1:30 every night of the week, making it the perfect place for a late dinner or midnight snack. Their sushi is some of my favorite in the city, and if you already have tried Cloud Nine I would try one of their sister restaurants Wabi Sabi in Covington or Aroma in Kenwood Towne Centre.

These options are just a few of the many amazing restaurants Cincinnati has to offer and I highly encourage everyone to go out of their comfort zone and try something new and support local businesses.

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