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What’s New in Fashion this Fall?

According to VOGUE’s “Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2021 Fashion Trends,” timeless and spirited pieces are the way to go as it starts to get a little cooler outside. Fall usually means neutral colors such as browns, blacks, and dark greys, but if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe this fall, brightly colored sweaters are a great way to add variety to your style this season. Whether that be a purple sweater vest, multi-colored long sleeved, or a bright blue sweater, any of these options and more will be in style this fall.

The trend report for the fall season also seems to take some inspiration from Cher Horowitz in Clueless with many different plaid miniskirt suits. Similar to her iconic yellow plaid suit, this fall will bring plaid back and better than ever.

A more common trend that’s been restyled is the classic leather jacket. Many different styles will be out this fall cropped, ruffled, fringed, and much more. Bright, 90’s style looks are also making a reappearance this fall due to the famous singer, Dua Lipa, and her designers. Featuring sequined, leather mini dresses and much more, these clothes will add even more color to your closet.

Floral prints will also make a surprising, but bold, appearance this fall. More specifically, crimson colors will be very trendy but brighter florals will also make appearances. There are so many ways to style florals such as a midi skirt, dress, flare pants, and so much more.

Stripes in many forms will also be seen throughout this fall. Whether that be a sweater, skirt, dress, or turtleneck, there are many ways to add some stripes to your style. For when the weather becomes colder than anticipated, a big jacket will be necessary. With many different colors and styles, you’re able to add your own flare to this otherwise simple clothing necessity.

Finally, break out of your comfort zone! Whether that be through patchwork, retro graphics, collage prints and more, wear something that you wouldn’t normally wear in your day-to-day life but wish you would.

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