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Time to Work!

The 2022-2023 school year is coming to a close and fast! The most common question students get from relatives or parents are: How are you being productive this summer? Whether this be summer camp, swim team, theater, or other extracurricular activities, I’m sure we all could use some extra cash for the upcoming school year. Recently I asked some upperclassmen questions based on their past summer job experiences to aid you in choosing the right part-time or full-time job.

Best advice for the interview process?

Whenever in an interview, one must be prepared and confident in yourself. You can do this by presenting yourself in an appropriate manner and having questions of your own will be vital to your success. In addition to confidence, being honest to the interviewer about personal struggles that you overcome shows that you have learned from your mistakes and are a hard worker.

What is a good hourly wage for high school students for 3-6 hours?

The most common answer was $12 an hour. Most students that answered stated that any wage greater than $10 is a good place to start.

What should applicants look for in a good job?

Students said that applicants should look for a good management team, pay, and flexibility in their schedule. Alex Serger ‘24 insists that “your employer should hire enough employees for you to have time off. You should be able to request off and call off if you need to. In addition, you should be able to readily communicate with your employer if problems should arise.”

Moreover, Margo Kelly ‘23, states that “a good staff with people your age makes the job enjoyable because you are with people that make work fun. I would not have kept my job for this long if I didn't work with people my age that I can talk and laugh with.”

Along those lines, Belle Grubert ‘24 also said, “You shouldn't have to sacrifice your whole summer for your job. Your job should be something extra you do!” Overall, a work environment should be a flexible, organized, and positive environment.

Self-paid Jobs

Babysitting/Pet Sitting:

I babysit and pet sit for my neighborhood and every family is different! It is a great way to make easy and fast money because you get to play games with sarcastic and funny toddler/kids. When pet sitting, you can play outside with a range of adorable pets.

  • Job description: Watching kids and attending to their need as well as knowing first aid. Pet sitting includes walking, feeding, and giving belly rubs!

  • Pay: Make your own hourly rate!People that should apply: those that are responsible, know first aid, do not panic under pressure, and are good with kids and pets.


The Echo (Hyde Park)

  • Job description: “I am a hostess/cashier (I seat people, get drink orders, make sure they have everything they need, clean their table, set their table, make coffee, work the register, answer carryout orders over the phone, etc.)” - Gracie Turner ‘25

  • Pay: $13/hr.

  • People that should apply: outgoing, talkative people

Skyline Chili

  • Job description: “I started working behind the counter for about 8 months, but after training, I eventually became a server and I love it so much more. I wait on tables, serve them their drinks and food, and then clean the tables as well.” - Margo Kelly '23

  • Pay: $9.50/hr.

  • People that should apply: Amiable people who enjoy meeting new people and making conversations.

Carl's Deli

  • Job description: Makes sandwiches, cleans, and interacts with customers

  • Pay: $10/hr.

  • People should apply: People who are okay with standing for long periods while making sandwiches; Applicants should be talkative with customers.

Wild Mikes

  • Job description: “A busser, which means you take dishes from people when they're finished and clean off the tables. You can also be a hostess, or a waitress” - Kali Boeing ‘25

  • Pay: $10-12/hr.

  • People who should apply: Anyone who is okay with being on their feet and just looking for something to keep them busy instead of just sitting around.


Lifeguard at Cincinnati Pool Management and YMCA

  • Job description: “Lifeguarding is searching the water, helping people, being on duty at all times, and cleaning bathrooms, etc.” - Wren Castrucci ‘25

  • Pay: $13-15/hr.

  • People that should apply: People who are willing to help others as well as watch others on a chair in the sun for a few hours.

Kings Island Ride Operator

  • Job description: Get people on/off rides and clean them at the end of the night.

  • Pay: $12.5/hr.

  • People that should apply: “It's very repetitive, and anyone trying to have fun because the people you meet are amazing.” - Alex Serger ‘24

RJ Cinema Distillery and Taproom

  • Job description: Run concession stands as well as clean the theaters/bathrooms

  • Pay: $12/hr

  • People that should apply: “Polite and smiley people who work well in fast-paced environments” - Julia Koch ‘24

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