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  • Writer's pictureJACLYN WENHOLD '22

The Undiscovered Stars

The test of stability,

The recognition of my soul.

I am yearning for comfort,

Yet plummeting down a black hole.

Glass that stares into my lone eyes,

Sparkling like the stars.

Exactly what I’m reaching for,

Although seeming as if they are far.

For they are within me,

Entirely so.

For the stars that I dream of,

Have much to bestow.

If only I could see the light that radiates

From my heart, mind, and soul.

Instead of sinking from the weight,

Of my own thoughts and mind control.

Anchoring to the bottom,

I recall the stars below me.

They sparkle in the darkness,

In the vast, black, open sea.

No matter how deep,

No matter how far,

There is brightness in the obscurity,

Beaming from me like a shining star.

Alone it may seem,

Unaware others may be,

But the love I give myself,

Is stronger than any imperfections I may see.

When I desire to run

From the reflection haunting me,

I have to remember,

There is so much more to be.

I may never be perfect,

As undiscovered as space and the sea,

But I will be myself,

And that is perfect to me.

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