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The Green Dorm: 5 Ways to Go Green in College

If you’re going to college soon you’re no doubt searching the web for the cutest monogrammed curtains and chevron bed skirt. But how will your dorm be more sustainable than the rest? Here are 5 ways to have a greener dorm room without breaking the bank or your style.All these items can be purchased on popular sites such as for the prescribed prices

Solar Paneled Mac or PC Keyboard: $80

The keys are just as quick and responsive as a regular keyboard. The energy level left in your keys is displayed on your desktop in an icon. Picture it now, sitting on the college green typing your new essay and soaking up the rays with not only your skin…. but your keyboard.

BITS limited Smart Strips: $30

There are many multi-outlet strips but not many that conserve energy as they give it out. This strip will turn off when your computer turns off. It conserves energy as it feeds your devices and can charge any device that would fit in an outlet. The green outlet stores and pockets energy to feed to your devices without the constant suck and release of a normal outlet.

Filtered Water Bottle $16

Let’s face it, college tap water is rumored to be a little iffy at times, and you won’t be able to fit a big filter in your dorm fridge! Save money and plastic bottles with a simple filtered water bottle. Make it efficient and stylish as you try to stick to your new college budget.

Efficient Showerheads $16

The Average American loses 25,000 gallons of water using inefficient showerheads a year so why not buy this nifty little device? It increases water pressure to make for a more enjoyable shower while simultaneously decreasing water loss.

Solar powered Phone Charger $20

While this probably won’t take the place of a regular phone charger, it’s nice to have one of these for all those times you aren’t near an outlet. It saves sun energy and can hold a charge for days if left in the sun previously. One full charge is enough to power an iPhone and a Kindle each for one full charge before having to put it back in the sun.

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