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The Future of SUA: “Leadership at its Finest”

Saint Ursula Academy Student Council elections have recently come to a close and in the process, the student body has blessed the St Ursula with fabulous council of women, led by none other than our 2021-2022 Co-Presidents: Audrey Kirwin and Ellen Scott. The Ursula community holds high expectations and standards in our leaders at SUA and has faith in the student presidents of Saint Ursula Academy. The community looks forward to what promises and plans they have to better our school.

I had a one on two interview with Audrey and Ellen and got to know them personally and what goals they had for the upcoming year.

After conducting the interview, I learned that Ellen Scott attended All Saints for grade school. She is involved in tennis and track and field at Saint Ursula. Ellen is also involved in a countless number of extracurricular activities including being a part of the ambassador program, GAA board, National Honors Society, and works on the Night for the Fight executive board. Ellen's job includes teaching little kids tennis.

Our other fellow Co-President Audrey Kirwin attended St Ursula Villa for grade school. She is the captain of the track team and the cross country team. She is involved in the “Dress for Success” organization, National Honors Society, GAA board, the ambassador program, and is a St. Ursula Personal Care Drive leader. She is also active outside of school with jobs consisting of nannying, working at Nothing Bundt Cakes and helping out as an assistant at a veterinarian.

My first question for Audrey and Ellen was “How did it feel to be elected by your fellow students and peers at Saint Ursula to the respected position of co-presidents?” They both replied similarly saying how exciting it was hearing the news but it is a lot of pressure setting a good example inside and outside of school. Audrey and Ellen emphasized that they were honored and thankful they were to be elected considering there were so many worthy candidates. Both Co-Presidents highlighted their confidence that the community would not regret the decision to elect them and have great ideas for the future of Saint Ursula.

Playing off of the previous question, I asked the future Co-Presidents, “What their plans were the following school year to help make Ursula a stronger school than it already is? Both Audrey and Ellen stressed their priority of service for them and the importance of involvement in our community. The Co-presidents had multiple ideas concerning student participation including a link that contains all the ways for Ursula students to get involved and “a student of the week” program for example and honorable students at school. Ellen and Audrey brought up multiple ideas of topics to discuss next year including environmental issues, disease and prioritizing mental health and using our resources to emphasize these important values. The girls were also disappointed in the lack of school spirit and enthusiasm this year even with COVID 19, considering the student body and faculty did not reach a lot of goals as a whole. The Co-Presidents want to “Come back stronger than ever!” they quote and rise up as a community.

The Ursula community is wrapping up another successful year despite COVID 19 and ready to continue another fabulous year with new leadership in place to carry on bulldog excellence! The student body and staff are all looking forward to what the future holds at St. Ursula and excited to thrive during this next 2021-2022 school year.

The Future of Saint Ursula: One year at a time…

A thriving school is only as good as the students present in the environment and what better way to express the excitement of the upcoming school year than interviewing a future bulldog of Saint Ursula Academy.

Stephanie Makris currently is an eighth grader attending St. Gertrude School and will be attending Saint Ursula Academy in the Fall. She has SUA spirit in her blood already as she is related to one of our favorite and beloved faculty members. She is ecstatic to attend St. Ursula in the fall and carries on a tradition within her family. Stephanie is a prime example of Ursula's legacy and how positive and impactful it is on the future of our school.

I conducted an interview with Stephanie to learn more about her future journey at Saint Ursula. She is interested in theater and chorus at Saint Ursula and would like to take gym.

She is so excited about the social aspect of meeting new people and making friends in high school. She is also eager to learn more and expand her knowledge in multiple topics. Stephanie lastly is looking forward to continuing and expanding in her journey of faith over the next four years at Ursula and growing closer to God.

Stephanie expresses that she is not nervous going into high school as she is can't wait to dive into the new opportunity of freshman year. She explains that she feels comfortable with the school environment and that the school itself has done a marvelous job with helping her adapt to this upcoming change. A fun fact about Stephanie that she shared with me is that her Aunt is Ursula’s very own gym teacher Julie Perry so has been engraved with the Ursula mindset her entire life!

One of her favorite things about Saint Ursula is that it is an all girls school. She points out how relaxed and carefree the environment is. She does not have to focus on her appearance and can just be herself. Stephanie loves the Ursula uniform as it is more expressive and unique compared to grade school. Stephanie highlighted to me the obvious closeness and bond of Saint Ursula and how she saw a close knit family in the community.

Stephanie decided to attend Saint Ursula Academy because of the amazing college curriculum Ursula offers along with its religious values. Along with the tradition of going to Saint Ursula, Stephanie says she's fallen in love already with the school and considers it an honor to attend Saint Ursula next year and feels so much joy in representing the future of Saint Ursula Academy.

Our Co-Presidents and Stephanie are only two examples of ways Saint Ursula shows and values leadership and taking strides towards a greater future for our school. These young women show great promise in shaping Saint Ursula Academy and I look forward to what is to come.

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