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The Art of the Prank

Have you ever wondered what our king, Mr. Moran, thinks of senior pranks? In this article I asked our Vice Principal of Academics to answer a couple of questions regarding senior pranks in general and more specifically the one last year that featured countless Moran headshots placed all over campus and on the construction site across the street.

What makes a great senior prank?

A really great senior prank is one that doesn't happen (HAHA). Seriously, the best senior pranks are ones in which all parties can chuckle at the end. I think a major objective of a prank should be to bring the senior class together as one. The best pranks are respectful of people's feelings, people's time, and property. It is never fun for seniors when they realize that there was damage to property or someone is upset at the outcome of the prank; it really puts a damper on what should be a fun day. We also don't want our faculty and staff having to spend time cleaning up after a prank.

What has been your favorite prank so far?

There were components of last year's pranks that were really funny. Although it was horrific seeing my face all over campus, I was mildly impressed that they really went all out and it seemed like most of the class had fun with the events.

What was your initial reaction to seeing your face on the parking garage across the street?

Equal parts impressed and embarrassed.

Did you know your face was going to be on the parking garage?

Absolutely not.

What has been your least favorite prank so far?

Any prank that targets individuals (other than me; I can deal with it) or does damage to our building. Putting items on windows, in sinks, and in trees never ends well.

How did you feel when students were wearing your face on their lanyards?

I was just glad they were wearing IDs, even if they were my face!

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