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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

“I’m going back on tour. The tour is called The Eras Tour and it’s a journey through all of my musical eras of my career.” Taylor Swift announced her new tour on Good Morning America, one week after releasing her new album Midnights. Furthermore, Taylor Swift has not been on tour since her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. However, since it has been four years since her last tour, fans have been dying for her next tour. If you're a Swiftie, keep reading to learn more!

How much is a ticket?

Since she announced her tour, the cheapest ticket for standard seats is $60, but with an average price of $160. However, many fans did not get tickets due to the Ticketmaster incident. Those who did, are reselling the tickets for $1,000 or more.

Where is she touring?

Swift is starting in Glendale, Arizona on March 17, 2023 and ending on August 9, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Taylor Swift will also be in Nashville, TN, Philadelphia, PA, Foxborough, MA, East Rutherford, NJ, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Pittsburgh, PA, Minelops, MN, Kansas City, MO, Denver Colorado, Seattle, W, and Santa Clara, CA.

What happened with the Ticketmaster fiasco?

Everyone is aware that the ticket sales were difficult and Ticketmaster shut down. On November 15, Ticketmaster sold tickets to fans, but earlier in the month, fans were able to preorder a spot to have access to purchase tickets. When fans logged onto Ticketmaster, some fans' computers crashed, they paid way too much, or did not even get a chance to buy tickets. Taylor Swift publicly apologized to her fans via Instagram stating how mad she was for trusting another party to sell her tickets. Taylor's team were told that Ticketmaster would meet their needs and were in good hands. Unfortunately, that was not the case because only 2% of fans were able to get tickets. In fact, fans were so disappointed in Taylor Swift that congressmen are now examining the ticket industry itself. However, the show must go on, so let’s take a look at the great opening acts Taylor Swift booked for the tour.

Who's opening the shows?

Paramore are an American rock band that was formed in 2004, originally with just two members. The rock band stars lead vocalist: Halyley Williams, drummer: Zac Farro, and guitarist: Taylor York. York joined the duo in 2007, as he was an old high school friend. This trio has best selling songs just as: "crushcrushcrush" (Riot!, 2007), "Last Hope" (Paramore, 2013) and "That’s What You Get" (Riot!, 2007).

GAYLE's song:“ABCDEFU” became popular in 2021 on TikTok sending the eighteen-year-old to stardom. With her famous song, she stated that it was based on trying to be respectful and trying to be kind of an ex-girlfriend. She has also made an EP called a study of the human experience, after her newfound stardom.

Beatrice Kristi Laus, known as beabadoobee, starting in 2018, released many albums and hit extended plays such as Space Cadet and Loverworm. After being expelled from high school, she started her music career and went viral on Tiktok for her hit “Coffee.” Her the type of music she makes includes: bedroom pop and grunge indie-rock.

At the age of thirteen, Gracie Abrams had been posting singing videos on her Instagram. She grew her fanbase because of releasing original songs on Soundcloud. On tour for thirty of Taylor Swift’s concerts, this young artist rose to fame with her hit song "Minor," which was released in July 2020 through Interscope Records. In 2021, she also released her second EP This Is What It Feels Like, which gained her more popularity.

“A Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter with a dreamy and hook-filled indie pop heart, Phoebe Bridgers' witty lyrical perspectives, sadly beautiful songs, and commanding melodies quickly jettisoned her to worldwide acclaim.” As well as being a singer/songwriter, Bridgers is a guitarist and record producer. She rose to fame after she left her band Sloppy Joes, and embarked on her solo career. She released her first album in 2020 called: Stranger in the Alps.

Marie Ringheim, a guitarist, record producer, and singer-songwriter, is known for her indie pop project Girl in Red. She rose to fame due to her songs such as “we fell in love in october,” “summer depression” and “i wanna be your girlfriend.” Also, in 2019 her EPs (1 and 2) about mental health and romance.were recorded in her bedroom.

Long time Taylor friend and dancer Christian Owens appeared in Swift's music video “Lover.” Swift and Owens have been working together for years, as he performed in the Reputation and 1989 tours. Not only a choreographer with Taylor Swift, he has also collaborated with Beyoncé and Demi Lovato. Paying it forward, Swift helped Owens sign a record deal with Republic Records, releasing a single called “Baby girl.”

MUNA rose to stardom in 2016 from their hit: "I Know a Place" and the trio “delivers themes of fun and excitement from queer perspectives.” The trio, “guitarist/vocalist Naomi McPherson, vocalist Katie Gavin, and guitarist/vocalist Josette Maskin,” met in 2013. The trio and RCU record released two albums together. Their unique name come from a debate of saying random words and somebody stated the name Luna. Afterwards, the term “muna” came and the trio enjoyed it.

HAIM (pronounced HY-am, meaning "life" in Hebrew) is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles.” The sister band consists of Este Haim (bass guitar and vocals), Danielle Haim (lead vocals, guitar, and drums), and Alana Haim (guitars, keyboards, and vocals). The sister trio are close friends of Swift and have been collaborating for years. They got their rise to fame because Jay-Z signed them to his label after they released their first EP. Furthermore, they have been nominated for many Grammys, but never successfully received one.

In exciting news for SUA Swifties, students, faculty and staff on June 31-July 1, 2023, The Eras tour will be hitting Cincinnati, Ohio at Paycor Stadium! (Of course, if you were lucky enough to get tickets.)

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