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Summer Jobs

As the dreary winter days slowly creep on, our minds wander to sunny pool days and beach vacations. At this point in our lives, the idea of a summer job seems just as exciting as the rest of it. Oftentimes, teenagers look at the three school-free months as an opportunity to make money and gain work experience before they go off to college; but, for many, finding a job seems to be the hardest part.

First, one of the most obvious summer employment options is a position at a pool. Many teenagers sit high up in lifeguard chairs, soaking up the sun and of course keeping the pools safe. The biggest lifeguard employment company in the Cincinnati area is SwimSafe Pool Management. They work with many communities to operate pools around the city. They offer jobs as lifeguards, pool managers, concession workers, and swim lesson instructors. SwimSafe promises a good experience for those who want to work locally, have flexible hours, and receive steady pay. They are currently hiring for the 2021 summer, with hopes of gaining responsible and reliable employees.

Another popular summer job is the classic local ice cream shop. A waffle cone seems to be vital in the Cincinnati summer heat. What better place to stop in than Greaters? There are nineteen shops bustling with business around the city. Greaters has locations ranging from Western Hills to Kenwood to Over the Rhine and many in between, so no matter where you live in the Tristate area, there is a store nearby. Graeters offers positions in retail services where their employees are asked to provide guests with consistent, clean, and welcoming service. Working behind the Graeters counter is not only a delicious and fun job, but also a wonderful opportunity to grow your people and management skills. You can take your next steps to spending your summer scooping sundaes and bringing smiles to faces by looking on the Graeters website where you will find the job openings available and an application waiting for you.

In addition to pool watching and ice cream scooping, there are many jobs available at Kings Island Amusement Park. Cincinnati attracts tourists from all over the world to the largest amusement and waterpark in the Midwest. It is appealing to many with its rollercoasters for the bold, waterpark for those looking to escape the summer humidity, and Planet Snoopy for the kids. Kings Island is especially alive in the summer and needs many workers to bring the magic to life. They need workers to serve food ranging from LaRosa’s pizza to funnel cakes. They also hire for gate workers to check passes and admissions at the park. If you are interested in learning more about the many positions, visit Kings Island’s website for specific details. As the summer months draw near, consider checking for a role that would fit you at the park that so many Cincinnatians cherish.

Many times, finding employment can feel like a burden, but have no fear because there are many job opportunities available. While it may be a challenge to navigate different applications, interviews, and openings, it will be worthwhile when you find the summer job of your dreams. So, grab your computers and your friends and start looking for a job that you will enjoy!

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