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Summer is Almost Here!

I think most of us can agree that summerummer is one of the best times of the year. No school, no homework, all day to enjoy your time until school starts back up in the fall. We’re Ellie Voelkerding and Jenna Uterstaedt, summer enthusiasts and we are extremely excited for next week when we get out of school.

Ellie: Summer is on its way! On May 20th we are going to be sitting in our A bell ready for the bell to ring to finally release us from school. My family has several fun summer traditions that we continue to add onto. Some of my favorite family traditions include our annual vacation and trips to Lake Laurel with my mom’s side of the family. I also love the Fourth of July when we go to a party with my grandma’s friends and their grandchildren because we get to socialize with people we haven’t seen all year. Do you have any fun summer traditions, Jenna?

Jenna: From pool days to Kings Island trips, summer has something for everyone. Some of my favorite summer activities include bike riding around my town with my neighbors or simply relaxing with friends. It’s great to reconnect with people that I didn’t get the chance to see during the busy school year. On extremely hot days I love spending the day at the pool with my flip flops and a great summer playlist on queue. Speaking of playlists, some great songs to add to your no school playlist if you don’t already have them include “Shower” by Becky G, “Friends” by Ella Henderson and an obvious classic, “California Gurls” by Katy Perry. What are some of your favorite summertime tracks Ellie?

Ellie: I could listen to music all day long, so it’s hard for me to pick just a few songs, but I have to say, I love anything by Taylor Swift. To me,summer is nostalgic. Any pop songs from the 2000s that my sisters grew up listening to will definitely be on my summer playlist. Thomas Rhett also has some great beachy songs, such as “VHS” and “Paradise.” Speaking of beachy songs, I always enjoy going to Florida to soak up the sun, but I also love adventures over the summer, and family vacations can range anywhere from relaxing all week at the beach to hiking 14 miles a day. This summer, my family is going to Florida to watch my sister’s rowing regatta, spending a week at the beach, and visiting Disney World for a couple days. Does your family have any vacation plans or any fun plans with your friends or family that you look forward to?

Jenna: That sounds awesome! This summer my family will be spending a part of our summer in a cabin where we will go hiking and explore nature. My dog loves walking along the trails with us and it's a great way to go on an adventure. Although Florida may be fun, there are lots of fun things to do in the Cincinnati area as well. Whether that's going to a local Graeter's Ice Cream shop, trying out a new roller coaster at Kings Island, or staying at home and binge watching a new TV show. Another idea is to go on a picnic or enjoy The Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park. There's so much you can do this summer to make it the best one yet.

Buckle up bulldogs because we still have one week left! Let’s finish strong. We are Ellie Voelkerding and Jenna Uterstaedt and we look forward to seeing you this upcoming fall!

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