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SUA's Hidden Areas

Saint Ursula was established in 1910, which was 110 years ago! It’s crazy how much it’s changed, but how much do students really know about Saint Ursula?

It’s no mystery that many students have favorite areas of the academy, but some are definitely more “hidden” than others. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many underclassmen might not have found these places, but here are some to explore if interested!

Senior Patio: Walking past South, going towards Central in the back parking lot, there’s a “hidden” pathway where you see an area which is called the “senior patio.” Usually seniors would hang out there during what used to be 5th Bell.

Archives: Yes, we have the Archives. If you take the stairs going in between both East and Central and go up the MANY flights of stairs, you’ll see a door. The space behind that door is where some of the nuns who worked at Saint Ursula lived, and there is even a little museum if you like history!

Hidden Bathroom: At least… that’s what people have said. In the basement going up the stairs towards Central, you pass what seems to be a “hidden bathroom.”

Little “Cave”: According to senior Kat Zimmerman, “there’s this little cave place outside by a door no one uses.” If you’re wondering where that is, when you’re going down the wooden stairs of Central, underneath the stairwell there’s a door that leads to a little stone alcove.

Whether these “hidden” areas are really a secret or not, it’s always nice to know some of the places some of you might not have even heard of! Either way, as your years go by at Saint Ursula, you as a student might start to notice these “hidden areas” and maybe even explore with your friends! But which area do you think surprised you the most?

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