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SUA Fall Athletes Look Back

With fall sport seasons ending, I’m here to give you an overview of the most energetic season in Saint Ursula Academy sports. These past few months were packed with cheerful, fun games to watch and spirited, lively student sections.

Let's kick it off with our soccer dawgs. These players have been practicing their footwork and agility all summer to prepare for this intense season. Elizabeth Fredrick '23 comments on her favorite game which was the home opener against Mason. SUA hasn’t beat Mason in 12 years; nevertheless, the soccer team came ready to conquer. When there was a rain delay Elizabeth said, “We didn't lose our motivation and took care of business.” They won 5-0 and it was a special, hype day for the soccer dawgs.

When asked what makes the soccer program so unique, Elizabeth responded, “Our team chemistry. We are best friends on and off the field.” She mentions how it’s challenging to come from a difficult day at school to practice but her team immediately cheers her up with laughter and love.

Volleyball had another riveting season with packed student sections for every game. Luca Fickell '23 said that “the feeling we get when we are celebrating and singing our school song with our teammates and the SUA community after a big win” is among her most memorable moments this season.

Luca talked about her senior night and how the volleydawgs played St. Henry and crushed them 3-0 (25-15 25-19 25-19). She mentioned how she “got to play at St. Ursula’s gym for the last time with her best friends” and how amazing it was to have the student section cheering them on. She also loved the special senior night traditions she was able to experience such as the heartfelt letter she wrote to her family.

Next, let’s recap the fhockey dawgs. Field hockey had a competitive and remarkable season this year. Sammie Neeb '23 said her most memorable moment playing was “the pep talk before the Oakwood High School game because that really united us as a team.” She also commented on the fhockey dawgs' senior night and how “we felt like we were kids on Christmas day.” They dominated Fairmont High School 4-0 and loved the packed, spirited student section singing songs and cheers while all dressed in Christmas theme!

Tennis is another high-energy sport that killed it this season. Molly More '23 talked about her best moments with the team. She voiced, “Getting Starbucks on the way to practice and eating bagels before every match never disappointed” and that “everyone who plays is so sweet and easy to become friends with!”

Molly’s favorite match was her last tournament of the season. Molly and her doubles partner, Ella Pollock '23, played Mason High School and won 9-7 in a close, entertaining match. She added, “This was both of our first times beating Mason ever which made it so special.”

The SUA Cross Country team is notorious for their endurance and lifelong friendships. Grace Pavloff '23 mentioned the team camp in July every year. She said, “It’s such a great opportunity to bond with teammates and make memories together.” Grace talked about how connected the team is and how “no matter why you’re here, we all support each other. We all come together to work hard and make the team a positive environment.”

One of Grace’s favorite meets this season was the Centerville Under the Lights meet because of the fun, lively energy. She talks about how since it was at night, “they lined the woods with fairy lights, and we finished on the track with music playing.”

Last but not least, the infamous, skilled golf dawgs. Zoe Luebbers '23 said her most memorable moment this season was “going to Toledo with the team and bonding.” She also mentioned how while playing golf, “we are able to get to know our opponents since we spend so much time with them.”

The golf senior night took place at the California Golf Course where the golf dawgs powered through against Mercy McAuley but unfortunately lost 169-162. Zoe says this was her favorite game because “it was fun to gather everyone’s family and friends and celebrate the seniors.”

These teams’ love for each other and their sport is what makes the SUA fall sports community so special. Hopefully, I’ll see you all either on the field, court, track, course, gym or in the student sections next year!

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