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SUA Staff Christmas

What kind of traditions do you have and what does your family do for the holidays? Well I interviewed some SUA teachers about their own traditions. I asked every teacher the following questions.

  1. When do you get your christmas tree?

  2. What do you do for Christmas eve?

  3. What do you do on Christmas day?

I Interviewed Mrs. Wainscott, who is in the science department.

Mrs. Wainscott and her family put up their fake tree the day after Thanksgiving. For Christmas Eve they go to a nativity at a funeral home in Mount Healthy. Afterward the family goes to her mother-in-laws and the the kids open presents. If they are awake enough they go to church at night. On Christmas day the kids opens presents at home from Santa. Then her mom and brother come over to exchange gifts. After the exchange is done the family goes to her father-in-laws and they have Christmas dinner with them. Mrs. Wainscott says that their family tradition is that they have been going to the funeral home since she was young. She then brought her oldest daughter and she loved it so they kept going and kept the tradition alive. Her family also bakes Christmas cookies every year!

The next person I interviewed was Mrs. Balz, an educational services teacher who works with girls in Literature and Latin.

Mrs. Balz has five fake trees and she gets them out the week of Thanksgiving. She has two full trees and three small ones. On Christmas eve the whole family goes to her house and they have dinner and play games with prizes. They tell the kids that even though the presents are out Santa has to put the magic in them when it gets dark and that is when the presents have presents in them. So then the kids open presents once it is dark. Then on Christmas day it is just her and her husband and the past few years they have left on Christmas day to go on a trip. A tradition that her family does is that presents are always opened on Christmas eve and not on christmas morning.

Last but not least, I interviewed Mr.Moran.

He says that he has a fake tree that the family brings out before thanksgiving, even though he does not want it out that early. On Christmas Eve he goes to Christmas mass and afterwards has a pasta dinner with his family and then everyone gets to open one present that night. On Christmas day Mr. Moran and his wife start their day with coffee and watch the kids open their gifts and then they go to their family’s house to celebrate and have a ham feast. A tradition their family has is that they open one present on Christmas Eve, usually a book. They also make a Christmas casserole and go out for walks.

What do you and your family do for the holidays?

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