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Spring Into the New Season

As the end of February approaches and exams are looming in the back of all our minds, spring is on the horizon. After an exciting month with an ice storm and the Bengals’ first Super Bowl appearance in over 30 years, we are so close to reaching warmer temperatures. If you’re like me, you are probably counting down the days until the warm weather means spring sports, swimming, and most importantly, Spring Break. Many Saint Ursula students will be migrating to Rosemary Beach or New York City, but if you do not have a planned vacation and need local ideas for a spring day, look no further!

As the weather gets warmer during the spring season, Cincinnati has many outdoor parks available which are perfect for running or walking your dogs when it's warm. Two of my favorites are French Park, located in Amberly, and Ault Park, located in Hyde Park, as both are centrally located near a wide range of restaurants and have nice scenery. If you're not looking to run or take a hike, these parks can be a perfect place to put up a hammock or eat a picnic.

In addition to outdoor parks, I love spring because the season gives opportunities for two of my favorite activities: shopping and concerts. A nice warm afternoon is the perfect time to go eat and shop outdoors at Findlay Market or in Over the Rhine. On weekends, Findlay Market has outdoor vendors selling items like jewelry and pottery, as well as restaurants with a wide variety of foods, two of my favorites being Kanji Sushi and Eli’s Barbeque.

A few blocks away from Findlay, Washington Park and Vine Street is a perfect place to eat an outdoor lunch then go shopping. If looking for restaurants and stores in the area I would recommend a morning meal at the Bagelry then walk over to Vine Street to shop at Pitaya and The Native One.

Spring and summer are also the perfect time to go to an outdoor concert, especially since Cincinnati has two new venues this year: the Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center and Ovation Pavilion. I would really recommend looking at the lineups for both of these venues as one of your favorite artists may be coming to town!

If you are interested in taking a road trip with friends, Brookville Lake and Hocking Hills are nice places to escape to for a day. Brookville Lake is a little over an hour away and has boats available for rent or you can bring your own boat to dock. If you enjoy going to the lake, Brookville Lake is the perfect place to spend a day out on the water with friends or family. While Hocking Hills is a bit further (a little over two hours away), the park has beautiful scenery and hikes. I would highly recommend taking a day this summer to go up and go on a hike if you like nature.

While it is very easy to get stuck in a rut during the winter months, spring is the perfect chance to get outside and explore the city!

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