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Senior Capstone Class: Pursue your Passions

Have you ever caught yourself working it in the mirror and thought you had the potential to be a dancer? Ever seen a painting and said well, I could probably do that. Ever just wished you had the time to learn a new skill? Or wondered what it would be like to spend an entire quarter devoted entirely to whatever it is that you want to do? If you do, Capstone class is absolutely for you. You can choose any route for your project to take; there are no requirements other than expectations for growth and seriousness. If you want to build a wooden chair, then you can learn about carpentry and bring in a homemade piece as your project. If you simply wish you had more time for community service, you could work that into your daily life. Whatever it is you do… do it. Spend five and a half weeks with a teacher-mentor who will check your progress and help you over the bumps along the way. This class is listed as a religion class but as long as whatever it is you are doing can be related in some way to growth in yourself as a thinker, leader, nurturer, and prophet, it is possible. Your project doesn't necessarily need to be related specifically to the Church or community service.

The best part about this class is not only will you get to explore a passion of yours but through the process you will experience other classmates' passions. This isn’t a class just for girls who like art or community service, it can be an outlet for helping you choose a major or experiment with new opportunities. Something about being in a room of teachers excited about everyone’s exciting projects creates, well, excitement. Sky’s the limit on this one. Passion, productivity, and the creation of something worth while and all the while see each others' worth. This class can go in nearly whatever direction you need to explore.

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