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Saint Ursula Players: Thriving During a Pandemic

You probably have heard of Saint Ursula Players but did you know that they are doing an all virtual show? The fall production is a women's empowerment movement called Together We Raise Our Voices. The directors of the show, Ms. Hinkel and Ms. Jennings, describe the production as “a digital compilation of types of art featuring female characters, authors and creators through all performing arts mediums.” The directors’ selection of the piece was inspired by the anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, which gives women a voice in having the right to vote.

With a global pandemic, there are challenges in performing a show. The practices are four days a week for two hours a day but have been minimized to smaller groups of performers for each practice. As the performance is virtual, the SUA technology department has played a major part in giving these women the show that they deserve. Saint Ursula Players’ new production assistant, Mr. Dice, will be videotaping each individual performing arts piece and combining it all into one show.

The YouTube link for the performance will be released to the public November 13-15. Please show your support for our performers in viewing the production!

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