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Pros & Cons: New Traffic Patterns

Starting a new school year is no doubt an annual struggle. Adjusting our sleep schedule, preparing for new classes, and adapting to the changes made within the school are just a few trials we overcome as students. Here at SUA, we have started off the 2022 school year with a completely different kind of change. You have without a doubt noticed that East McMillan Street as well as William Howard Taft Road have switched from being one-way streets to two-ways.

After receiving opinions of SUA student drivers, I have found that a majority of students see this as a negative change. It is argued that the roads have caused significantly more traffic around campus and navigating the street has become more difficult. It has reportedly worsened the already difficult process of leaving the lower student lot in the back of the Keller building, as the two-way traffic demands a longer delay. Another issue that surfaced was the increased wait-time at the crosswalk. Although there is no question that the light has seemed infinitely long in the past years, students feel that the new streets have lengthened the already interminable light.

On the other hand, some students argue this change has been an improvement for our campus. The new plants placed in the median add a level of attractiveness to the area and provide important environmental aspects. Not only this, the two-way road has eased the traffic for students who take Columbia Parkway on their way to and from school. Some students contradict the claim that the roads have worsened our traffic and believe it has made navigating campus increasingly easier. The two-way street has reportedly decreased the amount of time it takes for certain students to get home, as it offers a quicker and more convenient route.

All and all, this change has brought about many opinions from our student body and has no doubt affected everyone, both negatively and positively. Whether you feel this new system has been a downgrade or an upgrade, it appears that these changes are here to stay. We must collectively work to adapt to these changes and continue to drive smart around our campus to ensure the safety of our SUA community.

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