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Preparing for Next Year with COVID-19

This past school year has marked a historic year for SUA, as it has been the first that we have had to share with a global pandemic. As the year winds down, Dr. Thomas reflects on how SUA has dealt with this crisis and offers some information on what next year’s school year will look like.

THE LIGHT: Which COVID-19 protocols have worked well this year? Which ones have you had to amend or change to better suit the school?

DR. THOMAS: All SUA COVID-19 protocols implemented were either required or recommended by the Ohio Department of Health. However, SUA's choice to place student life activities at the beginning and end of the day did not go so well. We are excited to reinstate the regular SUA schedule next year, including 5th Bell!

How does the school work with the city and the government to set our safety procedures?

SUA spoke with local health officials on a weekly basis. On most occasions, SUA was the first Catholic school to hear the latest COVID-19 updates every Friday after the citywide Health Department Update.

How does the SUA administration create safety protocols?

SUA Administration works with a Safety and Security expert to assess, develop, and implement safety protocols that are compliant with the ODH, ODE, and local policies. SUA is fortunate to have a wonderful team of external safety experts ensuring the most compliant, yet reasonable, safety policies.

What do you expect COVID-19 protocols to look like next year?

More lenient; less restrictive.

Do you think SUA will require the COVID vaccine?


Will we have a normal schedule next year?


Do you have anything else to add on this subject?

The SUA student body, faculty, and staff were amazing during the pandemic. We were all living in unprecedented times, yet we had faith, we gave grace, and we looked to one another for the strength to get through the crisis. We are a better community today because of our desire to be strong and resilient through the pandemic.

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