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Prayer During War

As the SUA community and everyone else around the world has heard, there’s a very brutal conflict going on that is leaving many people scarred emotionally and physically in Ukraine. The battle is continuously progressing and there have been war crimes occurring. During this time, prayer is very important for the families of the victims of war, those fighting in it, and anyone else affected by this conflict.

You may not realize how powerful your prayers are, but they can go a long way because God is always listening to you and fulfilling your needs to the extent he feels is necessary. So please, when you have any time during the day or before you go to bed, don’t hesitate to think and pray for those in Ukraine during this tragic time.

Although this article may be short, I hope it places sympathy in your heart so that you may empathize with others and try to put yourself in their shoes. We could all use hope and sympathy right now especially as the school year is coming to a close.

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