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Poem: Give or Take

Give and take.

Give or take.

Give or take a day, sir.

Give or take a week.





Do you take more than you give?

Do you give more than you take?

The internal, moral conflict of humanity.



Questioning the desires of another,

Yet easily making a list of your own.



The gift of life is presented to us every day,

Yet when are we thankful for our livelihood, our bodies, ourselves?

“Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

But today is a gift.

That is why we call it the present.”

The gift of life is recognizable in others.

The life surrounding us.

The trees giving us life,

The animals giving us beauty, wonder.

Our families giving us reason,

Reason to experience,

Reason to live to the fullest.

Giving to the ones who give us purpose,

Give us enchantment,

Give us inspiration.

Why not give to someone who is in need?

In need of love,

In need of care,

In need of joy.

No money or expense needed,

Only the expense of your time and your heart.

Yet, once complete, it will not be a task,

It will be a gift.

Gifting this season.

Gifting for our lifetimes.

Give or take?

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