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Physical Festivities

With the fall sports season coming to an end, a new bracket of activities comes into play - a variety of opportunities for Ursula students. There is a wide selection of sports for Ursula students to choose from including basketball, swimming and bowling.

Basketball player Kinsey Sullivan '24 is just starting her season and explains, “At practice we usually start off doing skill drills and lots of moving. Then we move to our offense and defenses. For now our team is focusing on defense and how to stay in help defense so we don’t get beat down the middle. With the season kicking in, we got our uniforms and went to a tri scrimmage so that is exciting!!”

Mollie Finley ‘24 elaborates expressing her gratification towards the sport saying, “Basketball is one of her most enjoyable experiences at Saint Ursula. The energy is the gym will never stop playing in my head. We don't play around, we get straight to it. We are constantly making each other better and stronger. 'Make a mistake, move on!' is a common phrase used throughout our program. One of the best things Ursula basketball has to offer is the overflowing love and support offered by your teammates, which makes the program all it is made out to be”

Another popular sport Ursula offers is swimming, a sport many girls partake in. Sophie Pressler '24 states that “the practices are difficult but it is a good way the stay in shape. The team dynamic is strong.”

One of the multitude of options for physical activity that is not offered by many other schools is bowling. Bowling is different from other athletic opportunities Ursula offers as Payton Beard '24 explains this creative take on a sport: “I am very happy I joined the bowling team as I was able to expand my horizons and try new things, building on my strength in other ways besides soccer.”

There are a multitude of ways to get involved in the winter season and is highlighted in the individuality of Ursula students. Saint Ursula is bound to have a successful season of activities, as the students are optimistic for the best.

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