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Philanthropic for the Philippines: A Tropical Depression

On November 7, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan caused one of the most catastrophic storms throughout the Philippines. While the typhoon formed on November 3, it took 8 days until it dissipated on November 11. The Leyte and Samar Islands are the locations that were largely affected by this tragedy. It was noted on November 13 by the Red Cross that an estimated 22,000 people and counting are missing. With over 5,000 confirmed deaths and $5.8 billion of damage, Haiyan has definitely produced a standstill in Asian countries and other places around the world.

One of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. When comparing Hurricane Katrina to Typhoon Haiyan, the statistics show that Haiyan was stronger and deadlier than Katrina. The typhoon had winds of 195 mph, while Katrina had winds of 175 mph. These extra winds resulted in beating the record for highest recording of winds for a hurricane/typhoon of 190 mph.

Essentially, hurricanes and typhoons are in the same weather phenomenon. There are different names that are used depending on where the storm is located. If the storm takes place in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, it is called a hurricane. If the disturbance is located in the Northwest Pacific it is named a typhoon. In order for these storms to occur there must be pre-existing weather disturbances, tropical oceans with moisture, and light wind. If these conditions continue for a prolonged period of time, they combine to make violent winds, gigantic waves, torrential rains, and floods.

With many relief programs such as the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, it is hard for students around the country to remember that they can still make a difference, even if it is small. Here at St. Ursula Academy the Community Service Office jumped in and made sure that Ursula was accounted for. Our weekly mission collections immediately focused on benefitting this cause. From one day alone of mission collection in advisory for the Philippines, $741. 74 were raised. Not only did the Community Service office raise money, but they encouraged the SUA community to help outside of mission collection. The link to the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) website was emailed to us. This CRS website is an update on the relief efforts for those who were impacted by this Super Typhoon. This relief program supports the families by providing them with supplies to build temporary shelters, hygiene, and food.

It is very important to realize that every donation counts, and as the thinkers, leaders, nurturers, and prophets of this generation, it is important that we stay informed and active throughout our community. Lending this helping hand will develop us not only as philanthropic benefactors, but as the women Ursula is developing us to be.

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