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Meet the Class of '25 Co-Presidents

What makes a great leader? For a class president, it is someone who is willing to be involved and help their community. Recently, the freshman class of 2025 held student council elections, where they elected Lindsey More and Lucy Pedoto.

Both Lucy and Lindsey are very excited to be the leaders of their class. As a student council leader, Lindsey wants to make donuts available on a few Fridays throughout the school year. She also hopes to bring back the Big Sis/Little Sis program to give freshmen the opportunity to bond with upperclassmen. Lucy wants to ensure that every student has a fun year after the past two years being very challenging. Lucy believes that everyone deserves a memorable experience at SUA.

As students, Lucy and Lindsey love SUA for many reasons.

Lucy loves the supportive atmosphere and how all of the students come together to cheer on each of the different sports teams. Lindsey enjoys the welcoming environment which encourages growth and learning. SUA is full of welcoming upperclassmen who welcome and support everyone.

There are so many enjoyable activities to do at school, and it was very hard for Lucy and Lindsey to choose which activities to get involved in. Lindsey is very passionate about many topics, so she joined Paws for a Cause, Yoga Club, Hope Squad, Competitive Crafting, and Ambassadors, as well as being on Student Council. Lindsey is also involved in sports, such as Field Hockey and Track. Lucy participates in clubs such as Health and Nutrition Club and Ski Club, as well as Ambassadors and student council. Lucy is also an amazing runner on our Cross Country Team.

The importance of involvement and social life in high school is very important to Lucy. Lucy is very eager to meet new people through classes, sports, and clubs. Lindsey believes that academics is also very important at SUA. Lindsey is affirmative that “Ursula has so many opportunities to grow in academics and I can’t wait to learn more.” Another important part is school spirit. Lucy appreciates how everyone motivates each other to do well in sports games and practices. Lindsey loves our theme days that bring the classes together.

Being on the student council shows that Lucy and Lindsey are passionate about our school, so I was wondering why they chose to come to Ursula. Lindsey’s sister had an amazing experience at SUA, and she enjoyed watching her sister grow as an independent woman and wanted to have a similar experience. Lucy had a wonderful shadow day experience, and she enjoyed the welcoming environment she felt walking through the halls.

Our new leaders of student council are kind, caring people and amazing leaders who I hope to get to know better throughout their years at SUA.

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