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Meet Mrs. Ludke!

In the 2021-22 school year SUA has many new members of the faculty and staff. One of the new members of the staff is the newly married Mrs. Ludke.

She had a small COVID wedding in December of 2020 and will be hosting a reception this year! Mrs. Ludke is a Cincinnati native who attended Seton High School on the west side. Mrs. Ludke is the youngest of her large family with four siblings and around 35 cousins on each side. After high school, Mrs. Ludke attended Ohio University and was given the amazing opportunity to teach abroad in the Netherlands and it became one of the best experiences of her life.

While figuring out what to do in life can be challenging for some, Mrs. Ludke always knew she wanted to pursue a career in history. A large inspiration for her was her grandma who taught middle school social studies and really influenced her to become a teacher.

Another reason that pushed her in the direction of a history teacher was her love of museums. As a freshman at OU, Mrs. Ludke first wanted to be an educator at a museum. But since those jobs are hard to come by, she started to drift away from museums and found that she really enjoyed working in a classroom.

With her love of working in a classroom and history being her favorite subject since she was a child she decided to put two and two together and become a history teacher. In being a teacher, Mrs. Ludke has tried to develop her style around the student to help find their own unique learning style where they can strive in independent study and creative thinking.

When not teaching, some of Mrs. Ludke’s favorite activities and hobbies are baking, traveling, reading, and watching movies. She’s been to 10 different countries and her favorite movie is the classic romance Pride and Prejudice.

Let's give a warm SUA welcome to our new addition to the history apartment!

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