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Making Plans: The New Student Leaders

It is becoming all too obvious that the school year is coming to a close. Summer jobs, next year’s classes, and of course the student council elections dominate conversations of St. Ursula girls. Each year, elections brings girls from all grades, both returning and new members of student council, to campaign to represent their grade. For those who ran for the student body elections, the end-of-the-year stress reached a climax. “The three days around the election were easily the best and worst part of the election. You can ask anyone who saw me those three days and they'll tell you I couldn't stop moving. I physically couldn't stop my body from moving because I was on such an adrenaline high,” says Sarah Crowley, one of the newly elected student body co-presidents. The stressful campaigning process was Nia Crosby, the new secretary’s, favorite part of the process, especially making her own video. However, for Jess Zalewski, next year’s other co-president, the highlight of her experience was the speech she gave in front of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Although her habit of speaking quickly made her nervous, she says, “in the end I liked being up there, getting the chance to talk to everyone for the first time.”

All of the stress and hard work was rewarded, however, after the torture of waiting for the results. The newly elected were told the news before anyone else, and Sarah remembers how difficult it was to keep the results a secret. “Jess, Nia, and I were pretty much just group hugging and freaking out to each other since we weren't allowed to tell anyone,” she says of the moment they found out about their election, a well-deserved reward for their efforts.

However exciting the elections were for Sarah, Jess, and Nia, their jobs have barely begun. All three are excited to lead St. Ursula and leave their own positive, unique mark on the school. The responsibilities of the roles that these three girls have assumed involve not only leading the students but also bridging the gap between student body and administration. Although they acknowledge that their duties will be difficult, Nia says, “Knowing that I'm a part of making events successful is a great feeling.” Sarah admits that she is anxious to take on this important role, but she says, “I think my excitement outweighs the nerves. I think we're really going to hit the ground running.” With three motivated, talent, and capable leaders serving as our student body presidents and secretary, St. Ursula will certainly experience an incredible year. Jess promises that although the challenge will be setting new changes in motion, next year will be a great one for each grade.

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