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Large Cargo Ship Stuck on the Ohio River

Enjoy The Light's special April 1 edition!

Cincinnati, OH -- Early yesterday morning at approximately 5:30am, a large cargo ship got stuck on the Ohio River.

The US-owned ship, SUAB Express, was travelling south from Pittsburgh towards the Mississippi River when heavy winds blew the ship into a diagonal position. Now, the 150,000-ton ship is wedged between the Ohio and Kentucky shores.

Engineers, police, and local and state governments immediately went to work trying to get the ship unstuck, but so far all efforts remain futile. The ship is currently blocking 27 other cargo ships trying to get by and a number of other cargo ships were forced to be rerouted.

“This is something we have never encountered before and we are working very diligently to attain a solution,” says Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

The bridges downtown overlooking the river are currently filled with locals and travellers who want to get a first-hand look at the wreck. Many network stations are also covering the downtown-area, determined to broadcast this rare event.

Many people are wondering how this will affect US trading over the next few weeks. More to come on this later as we receive updates from the city of Cincinnati.

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