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Is the Hype House Worth the Hype?

A controversial TikTok content house gets its own Netflix show and people have some strong opinions. Some say they are not famous or don't deserve the fame they've so far received. Others see these 20-year-old entrepreneurs as their role models, trying to figure out ways to be just like them. Expensive cars, constant parties, and pranks are the only things we see online, but the recent 8 episode TV reality show The Hype House reveals the scary reality that comes with this flashy life.

23-year-old Youtuber and TikToker Thomas Petrou is the creator of the infamous Hype House. His goal was to create a shared space of young adults to have fun and create content. He wanted those with a big following on TikTok to feel famous, and doesn't see why internet stars can't have as much fame as big-time actors or celebrities.

The Hype House is an exclusive place where up-and-coming creators live to share followers, gain clout from bigger creators, and mingle with people just like them. Some creators found fame before joining the house, like 19-year-old Twitch streamer and TikToker Vinnie Hacker, who moved in because of the multitude and variety of people who follow him. Something people may not consider is whether or not the fame is wanted, and Vinnie isn't a fan of any of it. He feels he can't show off his real self on TikTok, and people only like him for his good looks and charming dances. Others love being in the spotlight, and are used to putting on a facade for the audience in order to get views, boosting their career.

The show emphasizes how fun the Hype House used to be: a carefree environment where these kids were pumping out content every day. Creators like Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Lil Huddy got their start from making dance videos. Being moved into the Hype House, their careers blew up and eventually they left to begin careers in music or continue on this app. A year later, the young adults in the house struggle to make videos together. Constant fighting is highlighted to show how not everything is as it is seems online. For example, 21-year-old Alex Warren and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Kouvr Annon, are both Youtubers and TikTokers who educate their audience about their battle with past homelessness and difficult family lives.

Personally, I think this show does a great job of introducing all nine influencers on a personal level. You see how each one not only deals with online hate and scandals, but how they balance internet fame and having fun with business and money. 25-year-old Nikita Dragun highlights her struggles as a transgender women, constantly being the face of scandal on social media. Don't get me wrong, she's been canceled a few too many times but has important, necessary conversations with 23-year-old TikToker and Youtuber Larray about race and equality, friendship, and business.

If you're bored and need something to watch, The Hype House is definitely something I'd consider trying out. It gives viewers a look into the real side of all the young adults trying to make a living while maintaining a fanbase and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Even if you’re skeptical, it’s worthwhile to believe the hype and fall in love with these spunky kids as we wonder what the future holds for this content house.

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