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Immersion Trip: Greece

At Saint Ursula Academy we are not only given a plethora of opportunities on East McMillan but all around the world. A group of both upcoming and just graduated seniors brought the SUA community global as they traveled to the beautiful country of Greece on a cultural immersion trip. Together they got to experience traveling abroad, meeting new people, experiencing a new culture, trying new foods, and seeing stunning sights. I talked to a couple of current seniors that had the chance to make this trip as they commented on their trip and advice they have for those considering taking advantage of all of these opportunities that are offered. These incredible seniors include Margo Corsig, Colleen Lake, and Ellie Graham. They are very passionate about the time they spent in Greece and encourage anyone who has any questions to reach out! Thank you, seniors.

Why did you decide to go to Greece?

Colleen: I decided to go to Greece because I love traveling and Greece has been at the top of my travel bucket list for years.

Margo: I decided to go because Greece is such a beautiful country and I wanted to experience a new culture.

What was the preparation like beforehand? Did you have a lot of meetings?

Colleen: We had meetings once or twice a month, learning about the places we were visiting, Greek culture, and travel safety.

What was your favorite part/favorite place you visited on the trip?

Colleen: My favorite place we visited on the trip was Spinalonga Island, a small island off of Crete. This was a former leper colony with beautiful old Greek architecture surrounded by breathtaking views.

Margo: I really liked going to Delphi because the views were amazing and there was a lot of interesting history

Ellie: I absolutely loved the Temple of Poseidon. We got to see gorgeous ancient architecture in a beautiful spot on the water.

What would you tell someone considering doing one of these trips during their time at Saint Ursula?

Colleen: If you are even slightly interested in going on a trip with SUA, go! You get to have so many new and unique experiences all surrounded by your friends. This trip was amazing and there was so much to explore in Greece. Even if traveling apart from your family seems out of your comfort zone, this once in a lifetime opportunity is worth it!

Margo: I would say to definitely go because it is such a unique experience. I would recommend going the summer after junior year, like I did, because I think it’s a great thing to do before going off to college.

Anything else?

Colleen: Greek food is delicious, I would definitely recommend baklava and moussaka.

The four years you spend at Saint Ursula move quickly and it is easy to be hesitant about taking a risk or trying something new, but experiences like these are ones that do not go easily forgotten. These moments can be life changing and hearing about these positive recollections of this trip should be encouraging to take these risks. So, take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities, big and small, here at Saint Ursula and do not hesitate to reach out to these students or any faculty member about SUA’s abroad programming.

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