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How Much Do You Value Your Shoes?

Due to social media and other internet resources, some people depend on shoes and other materialistic items in life like clothes, cellphones, jewelry, etc. to keep them going. These resources also persuade consumers to buy items they never would have even considered purchasing, like $1,000 phones or bejeweled shoes! So now let's get back to the main subject: How much do you appreciate your shoes?

Several of the SUA ladies I spoke with didn’t mind if their shoes were dirty, and if they happened to be, it "wouldn't be the end of the world," while others feel "obligated to clean them or throw them out entirely" since it makes their appearance look sloppy or unclean.

The shoes you wear on a daily basis - do you only wear them to certain places? Do you have certain shoes that you rarely wear in order to keep them clean? Do you prefer to wear shoes that may appear to be “unpresentable and dirty” or is it okay as long as you feel comfortable? Whichever may be your preference (s), is it because of your environment and the people around you, or is it solely your decision?

Some of the women I spoke with also expressed their opinion that "dirty shoes also can showcase originality and the difference between generations when it comes to one's appearance," implying that whereas in years past everyone was expected to keep their shoes clean along with their clothes and to dress as society expected, with more recent generations (in this case, specifically gen z), one doesn't care what society expects them to look like in order to appear "presentable."

Do you believe one’s generation has any bearing on what you have to say about this depending on their era?

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