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How Can Schools Learn from COVID?

High school is stressful for everyone. On top of these stressful years, COVID-19 is now a new stressor and problem. Or is it? Although Covid makes running a high school and keeping the kids safe harder; it may have some benefits.

Here are five ways we could improve our school systems around the country to help with mental illness

What the school can do to help the mental health of the students.

The later starts and online days

These later morning make it safer for the kids to drive to school and their brains are more awake, helping them to better understand what they are learning.

Giving more space in the day. For example, breaks in the day allow the students to take a breath and refocus

Setting aside places in the school. For example, a room where students can go when they are anxious, stressed, or even just need a break. In the room there would be stress reliving objects such as, meditation jars, fidget toys, coloring books, and corner where they could take naps. It would be very beneficial if the students could go to a room during their breaks to take a nap if needed. Many students will stay up late working or are overwhelmed. Giving the students a place where they could rest during their break would be beneficial.

Less Homework. Although homework is Important to learning, it could be helpful to cut back some of the homework given. There should not be more homework given to the students than what they would be able to do in a class period. This depends on how long the class periods are.

Teaching the students about mental illness and giving them resources to help with their mental health. (like how we have Hope Squad)

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