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Hometown Favorites

The Queen City is celebrated for its national league sports teams, black raspberry chip ice cream from Graeter’s, and Skyline cheese coneys. Founded in 1788 under the name “Losantiville,” it is the third largest city in Ohio and houses the University of Cincinnati which educated the first man to set foot on the moon. These highlights aside, Cincinnati is also well known for its unique rivalry between its east side and west side. Instead of being asked where in Cincinnati someone lives, people are often asked on which side of town they reside. The dividing line is Vine Street and is purely geographical. In a Cincinnati Enquirer editorial cartoon ,Jim Borgman, a cartoonist, compared the partition of Cincinnati to the Berlin Wall in Germany. While the rivalry between the east side and west side is good-natured at heart, the division is very apparent to Cincinnati folks, Despite the split, Cincinnatians agree on many local favorites, whether they are located on the east or west side. Following are some readers’ top picks.

East-side and west-side SUA students were eager to share their local favorites, from restaurants to local hang-outs. Freshman Austin Danko says that her favorite east side traditions are going to Patty’s Popcorn in Hyde Park Square, exercising at Beechmont Racquet Club, and watching football at Buffalo Wild Wings. Caroline Perry, from the east side, jokes that because there is a Starbucks on every corner, she always has a place to study. As a senior, Caroline has logged many miles on Columbia Parkway driving to school from Anderson every day. Her favorite east-side treat? Greater’s in Hyde Park Square. Mary Berding, a freshman, says that her favorite memories made from growing up on the west side include playing soccer games at Kuliga Park and playing volleyball at Western Sports Mall.

Following is a quiz that you can take to see how well you know the hidden gems of Cincinnati, on both the east side and the west. The answers are shown below.

Where is the original LaRosa’s?

a. Boudinout Avenue

b. Glenway Avenue

c. Montgomery Road

d. Beechmont Avenue

When did Price Hill Chili open?

a. 1925

b. 2003

c. 1914

d. 1962

Where was Putz’s Creamy Whip originally opened?

a. A backyard

b. Two trolley cars

c. A garage

d. A zoo

What is the football field at Elder called?

a. Ballaban Field

b. The Pit

c. Donohoe Center

d, Panthers Stadium

Where is Harvest Home Parade celebrated?

a. Cheviot

b. Hyde Park

c. Avondale

d. Sayler Park

Where is the original Mio’s located?

a. Paxton Avenue

b. Erie Avenue

c. Madisonville Road

d. Sutton Avenue

What is an interesting architectural feature in Zip’s Café?

a. Statue of a flying pig

b. Huge fireplaces

c. Suspended model train

d. Stained glass windows

Which is a ride at Coney Island?

a. The Vortex

b. The TwisterThe Racer

c. Space Mountain

What sport can you play at Hahana Beach?

a. Volleyball

b. Basketball

c. Golf

d. Frisbee

Which can you not do at Lunken?

a. Fly a plane

b. Go rollerblading

c. Play golf

d. Go canoeing

Scroll below for answers.


1. A: Boudinot Ave.

2. D: 1962 B-Two trolley cars

3. B: The Pit

4. A: Cheviot

5. A: Paxton Avenue

6. C: Suspended model train

7. B: The twister

8. A: Volleball

9. D: Go canoeing

No matter how you scored, we are all winners here at Saint Ursula. We are lucky enough to spend our days with friends living all over the city, from Delhi and Harrison in the west to Mt. Lookout and New Richmond in the east. Some of our best friends live on the opposite side of town and Vine Street is not a barrier, but a bridge.

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