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What's Clare Code?

Our days at Saint Ursula are numbered, but each interaction we have with one another makes our time here memorable. A smile across the hall, a held door, or a girl that opens her arms to the excluded can be the difference between a wonderful or lonely four years on East McMillan. Our model, Saint Angela, says, “You will accomplish more by kind words and a courageous manner than by anger or sharp rebuke.” The embodiment of these words is what we strive for as a community and is the mission of our very own club, Clare Code.

Clare Code was founded in 2019 by cousins Delaney Smith ’20 and Mac Reilly ’22 in loving memory of their cousin Clare. Clare Code is a club that works to bring happiness into communities all around the city, including SUA. Mac is so thankful to have been able to start something like this at Saint Ursula and says, “It means so much to me that other people are helping me carry on her message and impact on my life.” They surely have carried on her memory in an undeniably amazing way.

Mac says that all members of Clare Code all have the same goal: "to spread kindness and positivity throughout our community through various activities. Not only do we focus on those in need, but also the happiness of ourselves. It is important to be kind to the community, but also our minds.” They are a light to so many lives and wish to give the girls at Saint Ursula an opportunity to use their talents to make a difference.

Mac is also very proud of all the projects the club has accomplished. Some activities include “a quote wall in the hallway by Ms. Woodall’s room, Easter cards for residents at Brookdale Nursing home, chalked sidewalks before exams, and most recently Halloween treat bags for residents at Tender Mercies!” The joy that these actions bring to the recipients and members is priceless. Mac’s favorite part of her club is “seeing people from all different grades come together and want to help others in their community while also getting to hang out with friends." The collaboration of all different grades and perspectives makes their club truly unique and results in an abundance of wonderful ideas on how to spread more and more kindness.

Mac is adamant that there is something in her club for everyone. She says that “it is an easy way to make a change in our community and instantly make you happy. What better way than doing it with your friends!” She also understands that we all have super busy schedules and she wants everyone to know that “most importantly Clare Code’s super fun! It is also very laid back and if you can make it to only a couple meetings, we would be glad to have you.” She encourages anyone interested to please email her as students can join any time of the year.

Clare Code is one of the most amazing clubs here at Saint Ursula. It is an inclusive environment that brings together so many and spreads kindness around our school and our neighborhoods. It is a reminder that simple actions can change a person’s day, week, year, or even life. As we remember our Ursuline core values and the opportunity we have to make the world a better place, think about grabbing a friend and joining Clare Code - you never know the lifelong friends you will meet and how many lives you will change in the process.

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