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Get a Job This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and you may feel a sense of urgency to get a job. Applying for employment as a teen is a great way to gain independence and a sense of accomplishment. What are a few good first jobs in the Cincinnati area that are hiring?

Clothing and Retail

Kings Island Merchandise Associate:

  • Entails greeting and assisting guests at one of the many retail locations around the park in Mason, Ohio

  • Hiring ages 14+

  • Pay: Starts at $15/Hour

  • Location: Kings Island

  • Benefits: 25% discount on park food, 20% discount on merchandise, free parking

  • Apply


  • Requires excellent customer service skills, knowledge of the store, and the ability to stand for long periods

  • Hiring ages 16+

  • Pay: Starts at $8/Hour

  • Location: Kenwood Mall

  • Benefits: 40% off Merchandise

  • Apply

Hot Topic:

  • Provide an amazing shopping experience that will encourage customers to return

  • Hiring ages 16+

  • Pay: Starts at $10/Hour

  • Location : Kenwood Mall

  • Benefits: Casual uniform, paid vacations, and 40% discount in store and online

  • Apply

American Eagles Outfitters:

  • Must be outgoing and passionate about AE and Aerie products! Involves greeting customers and answering questions

  • Hiring ages 16+

  • Pay: Starts at $8/Hour

  • Location: Kenwood Mall, Eastgate Mall, and Florence Mall

  • Benefits: 40% discount on all merchandise

  • Apply



  • A friendly, enthusiastic attitude, Passion for helping and serving others (to both customers and team members), Desire to learn how to cook (a lot), Ability to communicate in the primary language(s) of the work.

  • hires at 16+

  • Pay: $8-$15/Hour

  • Benefits: 50% discount when off, paid vacations and sick days.

  • Apply


  • Able to stand for long periods of time, outgoing and willing to serve in a positive manner.

  • Hires at 15+

  • Pay: $9-$20/Hour, plus tips!

  • Apply


  • Standing for long periods of time. Friendly, motivated, and hardworking! Offers flexible hours, tipping, college benefits, employee discounts, and no late nights!

  • Hires at 15+

  • Pay: $12/Hour, plus tips!

  • Benefits: 65% employee discount

  • Apply



  • There are many different departments including produce, ClickList, bakery, bagging, carts, and cashiering. Each department has different requirements as well as restrictions.

  • Produce: Involves organizing fresh produce and shelving it, cleaning and disposing of old produce, as well as assisting customers.

  • ClickList: This position requires fast pace work ethic and good customer service: There are two distinguishable parts to this job, carside and picking. Carside involves getting picked orders together and bringing them out to customers. For picking, you go around the store with trolleys and pick groceries for people, bring the trolleys to the back room, and stage the totes on shelves.

  • Bakery: Involves unloading large boxes of cookie dough, baking, and decorating different baked goods (there are age restrictions for certain jobs), and shelving the pastries in the store.

  • Bagging: Involves standing for long periods of time and interacting with customers. You will be bagging people's groceries for them and setting them in their cart.

  • Carts: This is probably the most labor intensive; you would gather carts in the parking lot and push them to the store front.

  • Cashiering: Requires decent knowledge of basic math. This involves simply checking people's groceries out for them, understanding of the store and its deals, as well as good customer service skills.

  • Hires as 14+

  • Pay: Starts at $11/Hour but has frequent pay raises every 6 months (you may also get tipped in ClickList).

  • Employee discount on the Kroger card, paid vacations after a year, and frequent pay raises.

  • Apply

Self Run


  • There is no specific age required for babysitting in Ohio.You must get a babysitting license- You may opt to take a babysitting course through a reputable organization like the Red Cross which issues you a certificate of completion.

  • Pay differs based on the hours, number of kids, and family.

  • You can offer to babysit around your neighborhood or you can use apps like SaferSit that make finding a sitting job easier.

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