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Fun Restaurants to Try

As we all know, we are living in a pandemic, but here are some fun restaurants you can look forward to trying or possibly try now depending on their services!

Cheapside Cafe, located in downtown Cincinnati, is perfect for grabbing coffee or lunch with a friend. It has a warm, modern atmosphere with great food and coffee. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, many have commented on the great food, specifically the smoked turkey sandwich, and attractive atmosphere. This restaurant is open for dine in!

Another unique experience is The Melting Pot. This restaurant has a variety of different foods and even ways you can make your own dinner! The main attraction is their fondue with many different cheese flavors and dessert flavors to tend to all tastes possible. This restaurant is still serving their exquisite fondue today!

If you're looking for a view of the beautiful downtown Cincinnati, Incline Public House is the place to go! Along with their “top of the hill” view of the city, they also have many different meal options from smoked red chicken chili to spicy chicken and waffles. Not only do they have great food, this restaurant also has a rich history behind it. Incline Public house is named after a Cincinnati incline who travelled to Price Hill. The restaurant opened in 1874 just as Price Hill House restaurant was opened and had to shut down because of the traffic traveling to the Price Hill House. Eventually, the Price Hill restaurant shut down and the Incline Public House took its place where it still stands today! This restaurant is also available for dine in and take out!

Along with expanding your food horizons at these fun, unique places, you are also supporting these businesses through the economic struggles of COVID-19.

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