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Full Time School Fun

During our third quarter, SUA is fortunate enough to open the doors to a full time SUA experience during COVID. With the proper precautions and protocols set in place, the St. Ursula board has allowed students from 8:45-3, to be in an in person classroom environment for a majority of school days.

For the most part, I think SUA as a community is relieved to get some normalcy back in our lives, but going back to a full time schedule requires some adjustment and new additions in our day to day life.

One addition is the new aspect of in person lunch. Freshman Kendall Klotter describes lunch as her favorite part of the day as she can reconnect with her friends she could not see in the day and provides an opportunity to make new ones.

Another amazing opportunity for gaining friendships is seeing your fellow students in your classes every day! Freshman Chloe Hill describes her favorite part of this quarter being going to health class everyday and seeing her new friends from the class.

The new schedule provides many breaks throughout the day including IRS and for freshman a study hall block during freshman seminar. Freshmen Sophie Lawer and Lauren Brunswick describe how helpful the newly added IRS block and study hall are, especially with extra-curricular activities outside of school.

Staying on top of your assignments is more important than ever especially now with sports and activities up and running. Athletes Chloe Hubert and Emily Jennewien emphasize the importance of setting times and organization schedules for homework so that you won't fall behind with the workload.

The new schedule also comes with some challenges and exhaustion as everyone is trying to adjust to the new schedule. Chloe Hill talks about her adjustment to a full time academics as there is a struggle of altering her routine to receiving assignments everyday from her teachers. Reeve Moschandreas and Izzy Tone express that the new schedule can be tiring especially in their first year of high school, but in the end is worth it as there are much more opportunities and interaction throughout the day.

In conclusion, this new quarter schedule has everyone occupied but excited for the academic and social opportunities this quarter presents the St. Ursula community. The SUA student body is eager for what is to come and excited to continue this quarter with positivity and with the St. Ursula Thinker, Leader, Nurturer, and Prophet mindset.

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