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Freshmen Ask, Seniors Answer

Freshman - Fiona Alfred: How accessible are the teachers when a student needs extra help?

Senior - Mallory Como: Teachers are typically super accessible. It really depends on each teacher's guidelines, but most teachers are available before school, during breaks, and some are for short periods after school. My tip would be to know each of your teacher's office hours and ask them ahead of time if you know you need to meet with them. Make sure to communicate via email or in person if you need a meeting because it might help the teacher to know that you are coming in instead of showing up unannounced. Teachers would rather have you come in for help than not understand a topic or struggle in their class so don't be afraid to ask them for help!

Freshman - Aubrey Darwish: What advice would you tell your freshman self?

Senior - Millie Browner: Looking back on my years of high school, I would tell my freshman year self a lot! Freshman year can be scary, as it is a new school, new people, and new classes. It is important to be yourself and be around people that allow you to be unapologetically yourself. It is normal to be nervous, everyone is. I would remind my freshman self to not try to fit in but to know that everything will work out without changing who you are. Along with that, I would tell myself to always try, try in school, try to get involved, and try to enjoy it. It is important to work hard but to not let your well being become affected by how hard you work in school. High school is an opportunity to better understand yourself and grow as a person. Stay true to yourself no matter what! Be the nicest person in the room, make strong connections, and love yourself!

Freshman - Lydia Roy: What is the best way to deal with time management and stress, especially during exams?

Senior - Blair Burk: One thing I do to deal with both not just during exam time but all year is keeping a planner. Writing out everything you need to do will help you stay organized and allow you to decide which is the most important. For me, I decide what the most important thing to get done is based on its due date then think about how much time this activity is going to take me. My homework that is assigned during class and due the next day will be on the top of my list. Then if I know about a test/project in advance I try to split up the work over as many days as I have to do the project. Splitting up my work reduces my stress levels and allows me to put more time for myself into my schedule! Remind yourself your grades do not define your worth and as long as you tried your best you did great!

Freshman - Gabby Semona: Since so many people say high school flies by, how can you make the most of your time as a highschooler?

Senior - Elyse Wheeler: I would say the best way to make the most of your 4 years is to surround yourself with people you love and make many, lifelong memories with them. Find those true friends that make you feel good and allow you to be yourself. When you find your people, school is much more enjoyable!

Freshman - Kallie Maccutcheon: What was your favorite class you took (besides electives)?

Senior - Katie Crowther: My favorite class I took (besides electives) was Mr. Hittle’s American Literature class. This class was filled with fun and informative discussions that helped me easily understand the books we read. Those captivating books were The Great Gatsby, The Awakening, The Glass Menagerie, and The Catcher in the Rye. My personal favorite was Gatsby because we got to watch the movie after. Also, for Menagerie, Mr. Hittle allowed some students to perform this play which made it even more enjoyable. These discussions made it super easy to write essays and the class was just a blast overall!

Freshman - Lauren Dorger: How can I get more involved at SUA?

Senior - Francie Pedoto: We are lucky we go to a school with so many different opportunities to get involved so it’s so so easy! One of the easiest ways to get involved is joining a sport. I joined cross country and I have made so many friends and had the opportunity to talk to people I would maybe never run into otherwise. Also, I recommend joining at least 2 clubs to get out there and experience new people, and there’s a club fair at the beginning of every year where you can learn all about the different clubs here!

Freshman - Lauren Hoog: Are the ACTs/applying for college as hard as it seems to be?

Senior - Kate Hummel: The ACT is not as hard as it seems, just very tedious if you are not a great test taker. I would HIGHLY recommend beginning ACT tutoring early and starting your college application process the summer before Senior Year. It is a very long process but getting a head start will help ensure you are on the right track. Remember to take a breath and not to worry so much!! Yes, the college application process is nerve racking but you shouldn’t over stress about it. Take it slow and break it into sections you can tackle once a week!

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