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  • Writer's pictureKATE SNYDER '26

Freshman Formal '23

A lot of activities at SUA are specifically for upperclassmen - for example, Winter Formal, certain clubs, and service activities. However, the freshman do get their own class dance which is coming up. The Freshman Semi-Formal is almost here.

The Freshman Semi-Formal is from 7:30-10:00 on Friday February 17, 2023 in the Saint Ursula Gym. The theme is Winter Solstice, meaning snow and stars. Tickets will be on sale from February 14-16 in Keller at lunch. As a freshman myself, I am very excited about this, which is one of our very first large class activities. I love being able to have more full class activities and continue our bonding.

Lots of freshmen are also already getting excited about the dance. Based on a survey I sent out, about 72% of the freshmen class is going and 14% are maybe. And out of those planning on attending, about two-thirds are bringing a guest. Bringing a guest is not required; however, it is very much allowed. Also on that survey, I asked about what type of music was wanted at the dance. The top answers were recent pop, rap, and 2010s pop. STUCO, take notes! There will definitely be something for everybody.

Tickets for semi-formal will be sold for $10 for a student and $15 for a student and a guest. Also at the dance, there will be water sold for $1. STUCO also wants to remind freshmen to bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes to change into during the dance. Freshman class student council president Caroline Reinhart says, “It’s going to be a blast. Get ready to dance! Student council has been working really hard to make this dance the best that it can be!”

If you are on the edge about whether or not you want to go I definitely recommend going. This dance is a great SUA tradition that will only be happening once your freshman year. The Student Council has been working really hard to make this dance the best it can be. And remember to buy tickets February 14-16 at lunch in Keller.

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