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Fashion Trends For Summer of '21

As many of us know, summer is approaching soon. Last summer we lived through Stranger Things, Outerbanks, and VSCO girls. Will it be different this year? Are we expecting to see any new fashion trends that are a must try?

Reliving Old Trends

One of the biggest trends of past summers was hands down the VSCO girl trend. From shell necklaces to covering HydroFlasks in stickers, will we see this again? Many people loved the care free fashion that went along with it: oversized t-shirts, jean shorts, scrunchies, and messy buns.

When we think of this trend, we think back to summer 2019 and 2020. 2019 - a nostalgic summer with no Covid and worries of the pandemic. 2020 - a summer of trying to have fun while doing our best to keep all safe and healthy. Reliving these quirky, fun trends, may help many remember what fun summer is while making the most of what we can and can't do due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Influential People and Shows

When we think of summer fashion, many think of youtubers, TikTokers, and tv shows to give us inspiration as to what is trendy that year.

Emma Chamberlain has influenced all things fashion in the summer, inspiring many teen girls across the nation in what to wear. Emma shows girls it's okay to dress down in the summer, not needing to wear makeup or do your hair to feel like your best self.

Hannah Meloche’s new life in Hawaii has given life to all things nature, admiring the beauty of the outside world which then reflects the beauty of one's inner self. Her company, Starlite Village’s goal is to help find sustainable ways to make and wear sustainable jewelry all year round. She sells cute and trendy necklaces made out of recyclable materials in efforts to reduce waste in our oceans.

It doesn't matter what you wear this summer, whether it be an oversized t-shirt you thrifted or an expensive dress and heels. All that matters is finding comfort in what you wear.

The show Outerbanks proved how much fun teens can have outside, not needing to spend their days inside waiting for school to start again. Frizzy hair, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and hair beads were idolized last summer, all inspired by the show. Season two of Outerbanks is said to be aired sometime in June, just in time to relive our favorite trends from last summer!

Another fan favorite was Stranger Things. Red slushies and a comeback of 80’s fashion was all the rage last summer. We saw actresses Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink wear bright colored hair accessories and funky button up shirts, inspiring many to wear the same.

TikTokers like the D’Amelio sisters and Addison Rae have partnered with brands like American Eagle and Hollister to allow for teens to similarly dress like them. Floral prints, pastels, tube tops, and ripped jeans are coming back from last summer with a newer, fresher look.

What should we expect this summer?

As of right now, we should expect to see what we see every summer. Comfort over style - it's important to feel like your best self in what you wear in the summer. Tie-dye t-shirts are a fun way to make customizable summer staples and spend time with friends. Athleisure and tennis skirts have been big for a while and that does not seem to be changing for this summer.

Wanting to dress up? We all know the amazing feeling of being out in the sun all

day on vacation or at home, taking a shower, then going out to eat with family and friends.Try a chunky heel like espadrilles and

a sundress to relieve any pains from sunburns. Big, gold jewelry can help dress up any look. Hair tinsel is making a comeback from the 2010’s in many fun and shinky colors.

Have fun following any new trends we may see this summer. Don't be afraid to try something new and branch out of a wardrobe you’re sick of seeing every year.

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