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Fall Sports During the Pandemic

During these uncertain times, the coronavirus has affected many activities that before would not have been a problem. Unfortunately this includes all fall sports, and now these teams are having to take extra precautions like staying six feet apart, wearing masks, and making sure no player has any of the symptoms. Although there are more precautions than before, each sport has tried their best to make sure players have their first, second, or even last season before going off to college.

The Head of Saint Ursula sports, Mr. Maliborski, has been a leading force in ensuring that players get to play their own respective sport. Maliborski said,“Each sport has to adhere to the social distancing and mask wearing requirements that are part of everyday living right now. For all of the sports, there is an exception for when the athlete is actively engaged in physical activity on the field or court.”

Mr. Malibroski has been trying his best to make sure that every team has a season, even if some sports are harder to work with than others. He explained, “The team sports have had to adjust their mindset so that they do not get ambivalent about wearing masks when not competing in athletic activity just because they are allowed to be unmasked when competing. I am very proud of our coaches and players for doing what they have needed to do this season!”

And with the new circumstances under way, girls like Greta Betz '21, captain of the soccer team, still try to make the best out of the situation. Betz said, “The hype of the game did lessen a lot from last year since Ursula is so big on team spirit but now the soccer team has found new ways to get hype and excited to play. We all have each other's backs no matter what and I think that is one of the most important things with this new reality of masks and social distancing.”

Even though each team is going through new guidelines during this pandemic, each girl is still having fun playing or running with their team, even with their masks on.

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