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  • Writer's pictureELLIE VOELKERDING '25 & JENNA UTERSTAEDT '25

Marvel’s New Direction

Today we will be discussing Marvel’s new direction. Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If…? are all Marvel shows that have come out on Disney+ since early 2021 with many more to come. What will become of Marvel’s future? Is Marvel running out of ideas? Is this the end of classic Marvel as we know it?

Ellie: I think that Marvel’s new transition from mostly movies to movies and TV shows can be good and will allow them to share more about specific characters since the characters will have more screen time. However, adding TV shows into the mix makes Marvel harder to understand because a person would have to watch all of the shows in order to understand the next movie. Also, the new characters that Marvel is introducing are relatively unpopular to Marvel fans who are only familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the comic books. For example, I have been getting ads on Instagram for Morbius and Moon Knight, neither of which I have heard of until very recently. These new characters can make finding connections throughout the shows and movies more confusing and difficult, so it may impact the enjoyment factor of Marvel. What are your opinions on whether the TV shows are good for Marvel or not, Jenna?

Jenna: in the past, Marvel has produced fan-favorite movies, creating massive fan bases. The new direction of small projects focusing on certain characters can have a negative and positive effect on the Marvel cinematic universe. It seems like Marvel is adapting to the new age of streaming services. At first shows like Wandavision and Loki were new and exciting, giving us more personal experiences with our favorite characters. But in my opinion there is now an overflow of new Marvel shows and programs. Titles like Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Echo, and Secret Invasion are soon going to be available on Disney+. One thing I enjoyed about Marvel movies was the experience of going to see them. They didn’t come out everyday and fans always anticipated the next movie. There was a wait that hooked people of all ages. With the ability to stream all these new shows any time and anywhere, the experience of going to the theater is overshadowed. In all, I think Disney will lose money by continuously giving the public short-lived TV shows. Fans are so hungry for new movies, partly because of the pandemic limited movie access, which helped Spider-Man: No Way Home become the huge box office success that it was. In your opinion, what impact do you think these shows have on big box office movies, Ellie?

Ellie: I think that the big movies bring in more money for Marvel as a whole because Marvel fans are excited for the experience of seeing the brand-new movie on the big screen, compared to watching the TV shows on their smaller television screens, which probably led to the large income of money from Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, I also think that the shows still bring in a lot of revenue because fans don’t want to be the only person not watching the latest Marvel show or movies, so more people are getting Disney+. Releasing new episodes every week and making fans wait adds to the anticipation, making the enjoyment of the shows nearly as exciting as watching the movies that have been promoted for months. However, after the week’s anticipation, the episode sometimes doesn’t live up to expectations and makes it seem like Marvel is dragging on the storyline in order to have six episodes. What are your opinions on the entertainment factor of the shows, Jenna?

Jenna: Honestly I think the beginning of these new shows were quite entertaining and full of new and stimulating ideas but the recent arrivals seemed forced and lacking on the quality end of the spectrum. Trying to fit in plot lines and new characters seems to be overshadowing the quality of production, wording, and concepts. One thing I noticed with Marvel's new platform is that it's harder to talk to people about recent episodes and such. When Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man: No Way Home came out everyone was buzzing with their ideas and reviews and it seemed that most everyone had seen it. Now mentioning a Marvel show doesn’t have the same power because less people can connect to it. These shows are more specific to characters and storylines, which can lose some general fans along the way.

What do you think Marvel’s new direction will impact? Do you like the new innovative tv shows or the classic movies? The new shows will have a major impact on Marvel’s future, and we are excited to see what comes next. We are Ellie Voelkerding and Jenna Uterstaedt and we’ll see you next time.

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