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Disclaimer: Not a Toga Club

You may just think OJCL (Ohio Junior Classical League) is just a toga club. . . but in reality it is not. I asked some questions about the club to the co-presidents, Emily McLachlan ‘23 and Emma Wilking ‘23, in order to shed some light on this fallacy.

What is OJCL?

Emily: SUA’s OJCL club is called the Ohio Junior Classical League, and is a part of both a state-level and national organization that celebrates the classics (ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, culture, and language) through fun projects, bonding activities, and community service! Every March, our club travels up to Columbus to compete against other schools in the state in a myriad of competitions, and we get to spend a weekend meeting new people and showing off our SUA spirit!

If you could describe OJCL in three words what would it be?

Emily: I would describe OJCL as energetic, connected, and creative.

How do the conventions work?

Emily: Each March, we get together as a club and travel up to Columbus for a weekend, which is basically a 2-day sleepover for everyone in the club. We bring tons of costumes, projects that we’ve created throughout the year, and our school spirit and are judged on each of these! Some club members also perform their talents, or play classics-based trivia against other schools. Historically, SUA does very well at convention and all of the club members have an awesome time!

Do you need to know Latin to join?

Emma: Nope! Anyone can join regardless of the language they are taking/took at Ursula.

What is one thing you love most about OJCL?

Emma: I love all of the bonding events and conventions (even though we have only had virtual) because I love spending time with everyone in the club. People come from all different groups and grades in the school, and it is nice to socialize with each other and create new friendships that your normally would not make.

What are your roles in OJCL?

Emma: I am Co-President with Emily, and then we have 12 other officers. Rachel Roell '24 is our first Vice President, Colleen Lake '23 is our Second Vice President, Maddie Edmondson '24 is our Secretary, Maddie Bruns '23 and Val Molloy '23 are the co-editors, Kelly O’Connor '24 and Anna Korte '24 are Co-Aqulifiers (banner), Lelia Firdaus '24 and Sarena Jackson '24 are co-spirit chairs, Elise Gerding '23 and Natalie Roettker '24 are Co-Historians, and Gracey Kelly '24 is our Digital Historian.

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