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Creating a Club

One of the many benefits at St. Ursula Academy is that our students have the freedom to express and share their passions through one of our many clubs. SUA also encourages their students to start their own club! Here are the three quick steps to take in order to get your club up and running:

1. Forming an idea

When coming up with your club, it is important to have a strong, original idea. It may be best to compare it to current clubs and make sure you aren’t stealing something that has already been established. Get a general idea of what your club will be named, what its purpose will be, and what you will be doing during meetings. After you have done this, present your idea to Ms. Hammond (SUA’s Student Engagement Coordinator) to get her tentative approval. You can reach her at

2. Finding a moderator

Next, you will need to find an adult moderator to oversee the club. When talking to them, you should line out the responsibilities of the moderator and what they will need to do in your club.

3. Filling out an application

You can find the new club application form on the Club and Organization Website on the student intranet (or just use this link: Student Leader Information and Forms). Within this you will need to define your mission, how it aligns with Saint Ursula, your goals, and the responsibilities of your student leaders, members, and moderator(s).

4. Common Mistakes

When planning, it is important to remember that clubs are generally approved in April, May, and August. It is also important to make sure that you and your club are following all of the requirements, such as keeping a roster of members, taking attendance, making agendas, and meeting with your moderator.

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