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Coming to SUA Next Year…

At the end of every year at Saint Ursula, students are given the opportunity to start a new club and open it to the student body. All students need to do is find a faculty moderator to sign off and fill out and send in an application to Ms. Hammond. Approved clubs can then sign up for a meeting time for the upcoming school year. This year, many students are hopeful to start new clubs to share their interests with fellow classmates. One group of freshmen in particular are looking to start a Women in Business club. Freshmen Mica Kissing, Audrey Darwish, and Caroline Reinhart are the students who are hoping to bring this idea into reality.

I interviewed one of the founders of this club, Caroline Reinhart. She explained to me that the main purpose of the club is for students to learn about the business industry through former or current professionals and on-site experiences. The meetings will mostly consist of guest speakers who have tips and tricks for getting started and succeeding in the business world. Other activities may include job shadowing at real local businesses. The club’s mission statement is, “Spread important information about how to be an effective woman in the business world, learn tips and tricks for starting your own business, introduce or teach young women the credentials of a business career, and peak further interest in the topic.”

The three founders, Audrey, Mica, and Caroline, are all interested in pursuing jobs in the business/ entrepreneurship industry. Their goal in establishing this club is to create an opportunity for high schoolers to get tips and tricks for a head start in the business world. The majority of the once a month meetings will consist of Q&A structured lectures from people in the field. (This setup is similar to that of the SUA Medical Society.) School President Mrs. Kramer will be the moderator for this new club, however it will be mostly student-run.

If you are interested in going into any sort of profession in business, entrepreneurship, finance, management, or any other related field, this club is for you! It is so amazing that any student at SUA can bring something they are passionate about to life and get the opportunity to share it with their peers. Opportunities like this are what sets SUA students apart from everyone else.

Make sure to look for Women in Business at next year's club fair, and help support all of our other student run organizations.

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