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College Athletes Eligible to Get Paid

Allie Siefke

Money, money, and more money - just another benefit to playing college sports. On July 1, 2021, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) made a pivotal decision that shocked the world of college sports. Student athletes are now permitted to monetize their fame through sponsorships, brand endorsements, and by promoting brands on their personal media. These athletes are also able to produce and sell merchandise through their “name, image, and likeliness,” according to the NCAA. This legislation applies to all sports.

Barstool Sports, a sports media company, is a main source of revenue for the players. There are many ways an athlete can get sponsored. One way is through the Barstool Sports website. You can apply for an endorsement by taking a quick survey where they ask for your reasoning, field, and budget. They will then take this information and determine whether or not to offer a sponsorship.

Currently these sponsorships are only being offered to D1 universities. For example, at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), Allie Siefke, a St. Ursula Academy Class of ‘20 alumnae, has recently benefited through this program. This is Allie’s second season with NKU after four years with the SUA volleyball program.

Hannah Bolinger

Hannah Bolinger, another former St. Ursula student (Class of ‘18), plays volleyball for the University of Cincinnati. She is in her last year of eligibility as a collegiate athlete and has also been endorsed by Barstool Sports. Despite Covid disruptions plaguing college sports, Hannah has had a great volleyball career.

These sponsorships are a vast change from previous decades in college sports, and now offer collegiate athletes the ability to get paid for their hard work. It offers another incentive to make it big in college athletics, and opens the doors for networking and opportunities after athletes graduate, whether that be continuing on as a professional athlete or entering into the workforce.

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