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College Admissions Advice

Start earlier rather than later

There’s a reason you hear this advice all the time - it's that important. Just having the common app done before crunchtime for deadlines will take a whole lot of stress off your shoulders. College applications are a lot of work but giving yourself enough time to finish them will make it all feel so much easier.

Stay organized

There are a lot of deadlines and a lot of moving pieces to keep track of. Staying organized is of utmost importance. Make a spreadsheet or compile a binder, whatever you need to do to make sure you get it all done.

  • “I just made a massive spreadsheet at the beginning of the admissions process which helped me a lot.” - Katherine Lee '23

Apply for scholarships

Scholarship applications are the last thing you want to do after finishing all your college applications - but they’re so important. Getting an outside scholarship to your dream school will help you with financing and can make choosing a college that much easier.

Start filling out FAFSA asap

The FAFSA takes a while and it’s vital to complete it and to have it done on time. Get it done before all your time is consumed by lit annotations. And make sure to get your parents in gear to get it done.

  • “I forgot to fill out the FAFSA until the night before it was due for my top college. Don’t be like me.” - Ainsley Poland '23

Write your college essay over the summer

If you can have your essay finished before the first day of school your life will be so much easier. There is nothing more stressful than having an application due in a week and still having to mount the impossible task of compacting your life into 600 words. Just do it over the summer and save yourself a load of stress.

Start visiting colleges over the summer

You may not want to spend your summer in the car with your parents but once the school year starts there is no time for long roadtrips to all your favorite east coast schools. Get them out of the way while you still have time.

  • “I wish I had done more visits during break, I’ve missed a lot of school this semester.” - Natalie Hein '23

Do your research on colleges

While you may not want to waste time researching colleges, it will save you time applying to schools that don't fit your needs later. Do your research and find the best schools for you.

  • “I wish I had researched colleges more before starting to apply… It would have saved me so much time!” - Annabel Taylor '23

  • “Your parents will be embarrassing on college visits - they cant help it” - Katrina Brizendine '23

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